Véritable Reviews

Why Véritable?

Véritable is a pioneer in smart garden technology with a unique indoor planting system without the use of any hazardous materials.

Véritable Reviews
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Lifting from the concept of urban farming, this U.S.-based company with French-based technological production, Véritable utilizes limited land to supply various plants.

Even though it’s only done indoors, like in one room of the house, Véritable uses sophisticated technology to make it easier for you to do gardening and all that matters.

Move on to their social media. Even though they still have to gain more followers on their Facebook page, they are already famous on Instagram, which boasts 18.9k followers. So many gardeners look for their updates, and what about you? Follow their social media page too.

Now we think you’re curious to get to know more about their background. Let’s continue to read their highlights first before we jump over to their brand’s products.

Véritable Highlights

  • Promotes urban farming, which can produce edible herbs, digestible flowers, and also miniature vegetables that are nutritious for consumption.
  • Everything is automated, starting from the lighting settings, water supply or irrigation system, and other monitoring is done with technology.
  • This type of smart garden must use ready-to-use seeds or Véritable Lingots in order to use the technologies more efficiently. The Lingots are guaranteed to be 100% biodegradable, which is safe from pesticides and other harmful materials.

Therefore, a smart garden like this is certainly beneficial in gardening that is efficient, practical, and environmentally friendly. Now, we will further discuss the Véritable review in terms of what you need to know about this company.

What’s On Véritable

The problem that often occurs when gardening at home is about plant care. Sometimes we forget to water the plants resulting in the plants dying. This is where Véritable smart gardening comes to play.

What’s On Véritable
Image credit: facebook.com/VeritableUSA
facebook.com/VeritableUSA https://facebook.com/VeritableUSA

It’s a hassle-free solution to gardening in your own space and in the midst of your busy schedule.

Meanwhile, you can still harvest fresh and healthy plants, while using technology helps monitor everything for you.

Some of the unique products being offered by the company worth having, include:

  • Indoor Gardens— Exky Classic and Smart Garden Kit, Véritable Classic, Smart, and Connect.
  • Garden Kit, Botaneo Eylo Garden Kit, etc.
  • Lingots— all types of herbs, young plants, mini vegetables, Asian flavors, edible flowers, etc.
  • Accessories— irrigation wicks, 3 & 5-blade scissors, mini-snips, pollination brush, recipe book, etc.

With their products, you’ll be guaranteed the following benefits:

  • Grow effortlessly: If you don’t have a green thumb, Véritable will help you with that!
  • Fresh and Tasty: You can easily harvest tasty and fresh aromatic herbs. You can customize it based on your needs.
  • Natural: Their products are free of pesticides and GMOs, which means that it is 100% natural!
  • All year round: Say goodbye to summer and winter. You can plant and harvest in any weather.

How about that? Doesn’t it give you more confidence to start your garden in your home freely? Trust us. You’ll be a gardener that makes your home green, and you’ll have a healthier life not like before.

So now, start your smart garden journey today with Véritable. To make your Véritable garden much easier, we will do a Véritable review of the two products that are the right ones for you.

Véritable SMART Garden Review

The Smart Garden Véritable Company develops a smart garden solution, aka the Véritable SMART Garden. The size of this smart garden is only 12.9″ x 7.2″ x 14.9″, and it weighs 3.3 lbs. So, it doesn’t need a wide space like any garden in general and can be placed anywhere indoors.

Véritable SMART Garden Review
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This Smart Garden is very carefully designed (made in France) so that it can grow fresh flowers, vegetables, or herbs that don’t contain harmful materials.

However, this kit is only compatible with Véritable Lingots. It’s easy to use and easy to maintain. You just need to plug it in, fill the reservoir, and insert your Lingots.

Watch your plants grow as the kit automatically controls and optimizes lighting, PH level, humidity, and other essential parameters for you.

Purchase your SMART Garden now and get the best deals online. The kit will cost you $249.99. However, you can enjoy free shipping starting at $100.

Véritable Lingots Review

You can’t grow your smart garden plants without the Lingots. Lingots are ready-to-use seeds that can be refilled, which fits perfectly with the Véritable SMART Garden kit described above. They’re also 100% made from natural materials to ensure your plants are growing well from a variety of seeds.

Véritable Lingots Review
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veritableusa.com https://veritableusa.com

The things that are optimized by the lingots, include:

  • PH level
  • Humidity
  • Nutrient content
  • Seed spacing and depth
  • Aerate plant roots
  • GMOs and chemicals free
  • 100% biodegradable and compostable

Get the best deals on your chosen lingots online. They have the best choices of mini plants that you’ll love having, such as:

  • Cocktails (sweet basil, thyme, spearmint, etc.)
  • Desserts (wild red strawberry, Thai basil, petunia, etc.)
  • Entrees (red cherry tomato, chives, cilantro, etc.)
  • Teas (icy mint, oregano, lemon basil, etc.).

Prices start at $12.00, and they can be exchanged if you’re not satisfied with the previous ones.

Véritable Pricing

Since they have a wide range of indoor gardens, the price varies depending on the specific types and technology that the product has.

But as we check their products on their official website. It ranges from $99 – $200. It is a bit pricey for indoor gardens, but with the features and the benefits that you’ll get, it is really worth investing in.

Véritable Pros and Cons

The trend of urban farming using modern technology (smart garden solution) is increasing. Gardening work becomes easier with Véritable. Even though they’re effective, what are their pros and cons?


  • Smart gardening results in healthier plants
  • Save on water. Instead of watering plants that may not need it, the irrigation technology will know when and how much water each plant needs
  • Implementing environmentally friendly technology


  • Prone to electrical outages
  • The kit must be monitored frequently
  • High initial cost
  • Harvest times vary and might take a long time, between 4 weeks or even 4 to 6 months

Is Véritable Worth It?

Yes, it’s worth buying. This smart garden system uses completely unique technology without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or other hazardous materials.

Is Véritable Worth It?
Image credit: facebook.com/VeritableUSA
facebook.com/VeritableUSA https://facebook.com/VeritableUSA

What’s more, the brand isn’t new in the field. It proves that they have value because they already won in CES Innovation Awards in 2019.

You will get plants that can be consumed healthier and fresher. This means, you can precisely maintain the PH level, aeration, moisture, and nutrients that plants need.

It’s a practical and efficient solution for modern and smart gardening technology. Especially if using lingots which will give all your plants the needs to grow optimally. Thus, this smart garden can be ordered in several countries.

Véritable Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

When we’re going to buy any products online, of course, we’ll look at what customers have to say about it. So in this section, we provide you with customer reviews that are genuine. The good thing is that the comments are mostly positive. Don’t believe it? Let’s see just below.

Véritable Customer Reviews
Image credit: facebook.com/VeritableUSA
facebook.com/VeritableUSA https://facebook.com/VeritableUSA

We checked the Véritable CLASSIC Garden‘s page and found some customer testimonials:

This is the easiest garden I have ever started and cat leaves it alone. Hooray!

Another verified buyer gives his comment about the product and also the service:

Easy to set up and the plants are sprouting in 3 of the 4 pods. I’m sure the last will get growing soon. So far so good. Very attractive!

The last comment that comes on the Véritable CONNECT Garden page, one customer raves that he really satisfied both with the product and also the excellent services:

Overall I think it works well and we use it for a centerpiece in our study. 3 out of the 4 Lingots produced really well. The 4th one I requested a credit for that and the wicks for that section but have yet to see that credited. Otherwise I really am happy I bought this product. If you are wanting something reliable and kind of a neat thing in a room, this would be something to have.

Based on our checking on the product’s page, most of them are giving positive feedback. But there are some issues that the customer experience. Luckily, it’s not super glaring.

Véritable Customer Service

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give them a call in the following ways:

They’ll respond to your inquiries within their work days and hours.

Where To Buy Véritable

Now we’re sure that you’re already interested in making your home and living healthier. It’s time to go shopping! Luckily, you can buy their products in many places. It includes Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and of course, their official website.

We strongly suggest that you purchase on their official website since they’ll give you many perks like FREE shipping, promos and deals, discounted items, and so much more.


Therefore, start smart gardening soon anywhere in your home with Véritable and enjoy your fresh and healthy salad as they’re ready to harvest.

Put it in the kitchen, in the middle of your dining table, or elsewhere since it smells fresh and attractive. You can see your tiny plants grow right in front of you. Hopefully, the Véritable review above will interest you to buy it and to start eating fresh herbs and veggies.

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