Lawnbright Reviews

In 2020, Lawnbright was founded by Craig Elworthy and is based in Lynnfield, Massachusetts. The company focused on lawn care subscription service with all-natural products.

Lawnbright Reviews
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Craig started the story with his passion for caring for his home yard in Massachusetts. When the frosty ground thaws, his yard is an amusing gathering place, whether for playing with his kids or having a BBQ party.

One day he realized how he already spent a tremendous amount of money on lawn treatment. Unfortunately, the expensive treatments made the lawn full of harsh chemicals. So, he began to provide a better solution of natural lawn care solutions.

The solution makes the soil much safer and better for your family and the earth. That’s how the company comes with the motto “A Better Lawn. Better for My Family. Better for the Earth“.

Since then, the company has started obtaining trusted customers on the same page as Craig. Moreover, customer interest is also shown by the hundreds of followers on Instagram and Facebook.

Regardless, what makes this company so unique? Is it only about natural stuff? Let’s dig deeper into it in our Lawnbright review!

Why Lawnbright?

Lawnbright is a natural lawn care company that provides a subscription service to deliver custom-blended, all-natural lawn care products to your door. 

The brand’s main selling point is natural lawn products. With its products, you can ditch the harsh chemicals that are safer for the soil and earth, even your family and pets.

The formulation is made of natural ingredients with science-based. So it considers the weather and climate to create custom lawn care based on your condition. Also, the subscription makes it easy and quick solution take care of the lawns.

For customer service, the company provides an excellent, insightful expert to help with your issues. It also offers easy subscription cancellation and a 60-day refund policy.

What's On Lawnbright?

Lawnbright is a brand that sells lawn care products. But what makes its collection special is the organic ingredients. The formulation includes North Atlantic sea kelp, cornmeal, cedar oil, and blackstrap molasses.

Moreover, the products are carefully sourced; all liquids build soil, grass, and root health. So, you’ll find products like soil conditioners, pest control, and weed control products.

The company also offers custom do-it-yourself lawn care plans that are tailored depending on the climate and lawn size. Besides, the lawn care subscription box provides an excellent service that allows you to care for your yard.

Lawnbright Products

So that’s a bigger picture of what this company offers. Next, let’s discuss its subscription and products in the following Lawnbright review section. Keep scrolling!

Lawnbright Yard Patrol Reviews

Organic Mosquito and Tick Control

Yarn Patrol is a Lawnbright Organic Mosquito and Tick Control, which is a safe and natural solution. It leverages natural remedies to banish pests using 100% pure organic cedarwood oil. The bright white formula will kill instantly and keeps insect away permanently.

Lawnbright Yard Patrol Reviews
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The cedarwood oil formulation works on egg, larvae, and adult stages. Aside from that, it also works to banish mosquitoes, fleas, white grubs, ticks, armyworms, cockroaches, millipedes, and many more. 

To use it, attach the Yard patrol to your hose with the included hose end applicator. Then spray it to harness the natural repellant for mosquito and tick in your yard. It only takes 10 minutes.

Based on the instruction, you can repeat this once per week for 3 weeks and once every 3-4 weeks after that. Additionally, it’s a bottle of 32 oz that covers 4,000 square feet of lawn. Thus, banish the unwanted insects naturally and effectively at $33!

9.0 9/10
8.0 8/10
8.0 8/10

Lawnbright Lawn Care Subscription Reviews

Do-It-Yourself Lawn Care Program

The Lawnbright Lawn Care Subscription Box is a convenient and affordable solution to get your lawn’s needs on time. In this lawn box, customers can customize the subscription based on their growing season and climate.

Lawnbright Lawn Care Subscription Reviews
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Additionally, the company also curated lawn care depending on your location, including cool-season grasses, transition zone, or warm-season grasses. The products are free from scary ingredients since they’re all-natural formulas.

This lawn box will include a sol test kits that allow the company to analyze the nutrient level of your lawn. Then, Lawnbright will tailor products based on your soil, region, and lawn size.

The price may depend on the products the lawn needs, case by case. However, it can start at $140 annually. So, let’s tailor natural solutions for your lawn care!

Lawnbright Instructions

How Lawnbright Subscription Works?

Since the subscription is a custom DIY lawn care subscription, so there are several steps that you need to follow. Below are some instructions for curating a lawn box:

Lawnbright Instructions
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  1. Fill out the form about the lawn information. Then, you’ll receive a free soil test kit to build a custom lawn care plan.
  2. The box of natural and organic products from Lawnbright will be delivered every 8 weeks.
  3. Follow the plan and spray the products as per the given instruction. The Lawn Intelligence system also will send you messages to provide guidance based on the weather.

Every product will include a simple instructions that can be done in minutes. So just follow the given instructions to ensure the best growth and health of the soil and grass.

How Much Does Lawnbright Cost?

Lawnbright Pricing

Considering other brands, we think Lawnbright’s lawn care subscription box is relatively more affordable than other companies. Furthermore, the cost will depend on your customization, starting from $140 per year.

Meanwhile, the product collection ranges from $28 to $60. What’s more, this brand also has several savings. Below is the list:

  • Save more buy purchase on a subscription
  • Use the BRIGHT30 coupon code to get 30% off
  • Sign up to the email list to get a 10% off discount code and perks notification

Lawnbright Vs Sunday

When choosing DIY natural subscription, you may also meet Lawn Doctor, Lawnserv, Turfbox, and Sunday lawn care. Thus, to help you decide, below is the comparison between Lawnbright and Sunday lawn care.

  Lawnbright Sunday
Availability 50 states 50 states
DIY Subscription Yes Yes
Ala Carte Available Available
Pricing $28-$60 $10-$38
Refund Policy 60 days 14 days
Organic Yes Yes
Mobile App Available Available

Lawn Bright Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

This brand is just founded three years ago, so the company still has few reviews. But fortunately, the customer rating and experience are positive. For instance, this brand obtained a 4.6/5 rating based on 5 testimonials on Google Reviews. The following are rating data of the best-selling items:

  • Pre-Emergent Weed Control brings a 5/5 rating from 9 reviews
  • Organic Mosquito and Tick Control gets a 5/5 rating based on 8 reviews
  • Broadleaf Weed Control (2 Pack) receives a 4.7/5 rating based on 6 reviews

As the data attached above, nearly all products have a perfect rating. Here’s one of Lawnbright reviews from a customer:

Had a swarm of mosquitoes at the end of my driveway and then found some ticks in my backyard. Put some Yard Patrol that has amazing smells amazing because it’s cedar oil, and they were gone instantly! So glad.

Similar to previous reviews, another customer also said:

The yard patrol seems to be helping reduce mosquito activity in my yard to the south, and that’s great! My wife gets bitten more often than I do, and she’s noticed the difference too…

Other testimonials also stated:

It’s convenient and cost-effective. The first year of use, so time will tell how effective this product is, but so far, we are satisfied.

The majority of customers are satisfied with natural formulation and effective performance. They also state how the product has reasonable pricing. Besides, we couldn’t find any negative reviews about the service or the products.

Is Lawnbright Worth It?

If you’re searching for a safer and more convenient lawn solution, Lawnbright is worth trying. With all science-based natural formulations and subscriptions, it offers harsh chemical-free lawn care that absolutely works best.

Is Lawnbright Worth It?
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In addition, the DIY lawn care plan is tailored based on your condition. Affordable pricing is also the best advantage of paying an expert. Furthermore, if you’re unsatisfied with your plan, you can get a refund or even cancel the subscription.

Lawnbright Pros And Cons

Considering all information in our Lawnbright review, below we’ve summarized the pros and cons of the brand:


  • Organic ingredients
  • Science-based formulation
  • Free of harmful chemicals
  • Customized lawn care based on needs
  • Safer for the earth, pets, and human
  • Relatively affordable pricing
  • Easy subscription cancellation policy
  • 60-day refund policy
  • Highly positive reviews


  • Only available on the US
  • No free shipping.

Lawnbright Customer Service

How To Contact

Not sure how to get these lawn products? Need help to know your lawn’s size? Whatever you want to know, its customer service is ready to help via:


1 Bryant
Lynnfield, Massachusetts
01940, United States

Where To Buy

Interest in getting natural lawn care products to be regularly delivered to you? Then, it’s time to purchase it based on your needs officially from


Frequently Asked Questions

To know a particular brand, you may have several questions in mind. Below are several questions that people also ask when looking for a Lawnbright review.

Who owns Lawnbright?

This brand is owned by Craig Elworthy.

Does Lawnbright ship internationally?

No, this company currently only ships within 50 states.

Where is Lawnbright located in?

The company headquarters are located in Craig Elworthy.


Hopefully, our Lawnbright review provides you with better insight before purchasing from this brand. This brand indeed delivers high product quality from organic ingredients with unmatched pricing.

On top of that, science-backed products are highly effective and safer. We vividly see why the company has the best lawn care subscription in the industry. So, rehabilitate your yard with convenient, safe, organic lawn care from Lawnbright!

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