Garden In Minutes Review

Garden In Minutes was built by a family consisting of Theresa Traficante, Tom Traficante, and Bryan Traficante who are also the co-founders of the company. 

Garden In Minutes Review
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From first designs to running a business out of a garage, to now owning patents for those designs & happy gardeners all over the US, as the name implies, Garden In Minutes is here to make it easy for you to develop your best garden in just a few minutes.

The brand produced the Garden Grid watering system, which makes it possible to divide the planting area evenly, deliver gentle watering, not damage the plant foliage as sprayers and handheld sprinklers often do, and even save water.

This business family is able to gain a lot of followers from various circles who are interested in its products, reaching 14k followers on Facebook, 18.5k followers on Instagram, and 2.81k followers on its YouTube account, which is very active with its informative video content.

They have even been featured & recommended in popular media publications such as INC., Good Housekeeping, Better Homes & Gardens, Mother Earth News, and Maximum Yield.

Despite its popularity, is this garden kit brand that good? To answer this question, the Garden In Minutes review will discuss some points that you can use as an overview. So, get ready to be blown away by the performance of the brand’s products and stay with us!

Why Garden In Minutes?

Garden In Minutes is an easier & higher quality way to start a garden. The brand is home to The Garden Grid watering system and the highest quality handmade garden supplies. 

Why Garden In Minutes?
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They provide products to help gardeners build high-quality gardens in minutes. The brand is on a mission to make gardening more convenient and accessible to all types of gardeners while maintaining high integrity, which they embody a modern approach to a not-so-modern activity.

With this brand, you can say goodbye to low quality because their Garden Beds & Garden Grid watering system is designed to last. 

Moreover, since they aim to help gardeners to make it easier for them to leave behind complicated assembly, everything that the brand produces and sells can be assembled easily. Thus, you can say hello to gardens in minutes. 

What's On Garden In Minutes

Whether you are a gardener or you have a passion for gardening, then Garden In Minutes is the right brand for you.

What's On Garden In Minutes
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They sell all the free tools that can make gardening easy. Yup, everything! 

The brand realized that not everyone has the knowledge or time to see, measure, or fasten boards. Hence, they decided to make all raised garden beds and raised garden kits modular.

They also created the most popular watering system, The Garden Grid, which is a garden planting guide and ground-level garden irrigation system in one.

Garden In Minutes Offer

In this Garden In Minutes review, we will focus on discussing Garden Grid Watering Systems in more detail according to the brand’s most popular and sought-after products. So, let’s jump to the next products review section!

Garden In Minutes Watering System Review

4×4 Garden Grid Watering System

Whether you want to take the best care of your plants, the 4×4 Garden Grid Watering System will help you realize it.

Garden In Minutes Watering System Review
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This patented watering system provides fully adjustable water flow and square planting sections for your garden, from drip irrigation to full-flow watering. It allows you to plant evenly, more efficiently, and with less effort.

As we know that traditional garden irrigation systems such as drip lines & rain hoses can take hours to set up & are notorious for uneven watering. In addition, traditional spacing grids can also take hours to set up and serve no purpose once planting is complete.

However, this Garden Grid watering system which comes in pre-assembled sections, will water your entire garden area and requires no cutting, measuring of materials, gluing, or perforating.

It’s ready to use in minutes and can reach all plants with its stream of water, built to last, & adds simplicity to your garden.


  • 16 planting & watering sections
  • Garden irrigation system & planting guide in one
  • Built-in mesh filter to keep tools free of impurities from incoming water
  • Made using LLDPE pipe, a material commonly used in drinking water lines
  • Assembly Size: 44″ x 44″
  • Each planting box approx- 11″ x 11″ (including tube thickness)

You can use this watering system at ground level or in raised garden beds. It comes with a quick 3-piece assembly, and no tools are required. 

But please note that the Connection Manifold and long garden hose are sold separately. So, make sure to buy and prepare it so that the Garden Grid watering system can be installed immediately and used properly. 

The thing that makes you should buy this garden sprinkler system is that in addition to functioning to water plants easily and evenly, it is also a guided plant spacing where you can create a grid layout & plant spacing chart to help you show how many plants are growing per square box.

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Garden In Minutes Price

As we mentioned earlier that this brand supplies all gardening equipment. You can find a variety of garden hoses and accessories. So, when talking about prices, of course, the range is very wide. 

To simplify information related to prices, this section of the Garden In Minutes review will categorize into several points.

No need to worry if you feel that your budget can’t cover the prices of their products. Fortunately, the brand offers $10 off your first order of $100 or more by joining their newsletter.

Not only that, but you will also get updates regarding coupon codes or special promo codes for their members. So, don’t miss this opportunity!

How Garden In Minutes Works

At this brand, you’ll find gardening supplies and tools of exceptional quality, plus they’re easy to install. They do an excellent job of making gardening easy without sacrificing quality.

The brand takes the carpentry, plumbing, and time out of building your own garden, so you can enjoy planting and growing instead!

Since the brand features a wide range of gardening supplies, if you want to create a dream garden, you can find the equipment you need at this brand from start to finish. So how does the brand work to create your dream garden?

  • Assembling the garden bed: The Raised Metal Garden Beds they sell have been designed to make assembly as quick and easy as possible. Setting up is simple. Connect the panels, corners, & support rods together with the included hardware. Then secure the hardware with the included tools, & complete it with hand-friendly safety edges.
  • Fill the Garden Bed: Fill the Garden In Minutes Raised Garden Bed with your favorite soil. Each garden bed comes with a chart showing how much soil to add.
  • Add The Garden Grid: To make watering and spacing easier, the brand created the Garden Grid watering system which is the first garden watering system and spacing guide, in one. Simply put the pre-assembled parts together, lay them on your garden soil, and connect your garden hose or any water supply with the garden hose threaded connector to the Garden Grid. 

Well, after a few simple steps in just a few minutes, your dream garden is ready!

Garden In Minutes Customer Reviews

Before going further and deciding to entrust to buy products from this brand, it would be good to check first about the reviews from customers who have tried this product before. 

Garden In Minutes Customer Reviews
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That’s why in this section we have prepared some opinions left by customers. As far as we observe the reviews left by their customers, most of them leave positive comments and give 5/5 ratings on their products.

One of their products that we have covered before is the 4×4 Garden Grid Watering System, which received 5/5 stars from 76 customer reviews. So, what did the reviewers say?

We started with one customer who was initially worried about the price but was satisfied and felt that the product she bought was worth the price. 

I was worried that it would cost too much, but I liked the ingenious idea of having a power grid that also serves as a watering system. However, once I set it up and everything worked perfectly, I decided that it was worth it!!!…

Another satisfied customer who also gave positive feedback thanks to the helpful customer service team, easy purchase, and fast delivery process made him happy. He left a comment:

Customer Support was very helpful in helping me design a watering system to fit my garden layout. Ordering the system was easy and delivered fairly quickly.

Looking for more reviews? Our next testimonial is taken from a review left on Amazon which received 4.7 out of 5 from 244 reviewers. Here’s what he said:

Fantastic! If only I had thought of this! It was so easy to assemble (2 minutes!) and fits perfectly in my 3′ x 8′ garden bed. I have two more beds and will be ordering two more grids. The watering method seems to be very effective as it is targeted with several gentle streams in each square foot.

As the brand claims that they prioritize ease of speed in assembly. So that gardeners do not need to bother and are more enthusiastic about planting. 

All in all, from the statements above, many customers are really satisfied with the effectiveness of the products they buy from Garden In Minutes. Even the services also make customers happy!

Is Garden In Minutes Worth To Buy?

There are cheaper ways to water your plants, such as using soaker hoses, but the tools from Garden In Minutes are much easier to set up, and they work well to get the water where it is needed.

The decision is up to you as the buyer, but we can guarantee that the products are worth buying

Please note that all the brand Garden Grid watering systems, manifolds, & cypress garden beds are proudly made in the U.S.A. using domestic & foreign components.

So, in addition to using local products, they also pay close attention to the quality they use to produce their best products. 

Garden In Minutes Pros & Cons

After reading all the information related to the brand in this Garden In Minutes review, have you been able to conclude its quality? To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled the pros and cons below.


  • All the products are the best quality and designed to last
  • A wide range of planting requirements 
  • Everything at the brand comes preassembled or assembles in minutes
  • Free shipping for over $50 
  • Provide quick shipping
  • 30 days return policy
  • 1,000s good feedback from customers


  • Canada or international shipping is unavailable

How To Contact Garden In Minutes

If you have some questions related to the brand, it is recommended to check first on some questions on the FAQ page. Perhaps your question has been answered there. 

However, if you have not found the answer to your question or you are experiencing some problems related to shipping or others, you can contact the customer service team at or

What about the phone number? unfortunately, the brand doesn’t inform the phone number. But you can still contact their team easily. So, another easy way is to fill in the blank form that is available on the contact us menu page. 

Their helpful and friendly customer service team will reply to and answer your messages as soon as possible. 

Where To Buy Garden In Minutes

To get authentic products, we recommend that you make purchases on the official website. There you can get offers they have such as return policies, free shipping, promo prices, and much more.

However, if one of their products on their website is sold out, you may be able to find the product you need on Amazon’s online marketplace. So, get the products you need for your garden now!


Having a dream garden is not a difficult thing anymore! You can make it happen in just a matter of minutes.  Thanks to Garden In Minutes‘ presence in the industry with its amazing ideas and concepts, there are no more worries over complicated gardening. 

All the gardening equipment they produce and sell that has the best quality and outstanding performance will help and bring you a lot of conveniences. So, what are you waiting for? buy the product now and feel its effectiveness!

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