The Sill Reviews

The Sill was established by Eliza Blank in 2012. She started the business from her borrowed office space in New York City’s Chinatown. It offers various houseplants, planters, and other items to create your greener house.

The Sill Reviews
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Her idea of this business was started from her experience of making her apartment hold Filipino roots by gardening. Instantly, it grows in her to build a passion for plants. While taking care of them it grows the mood with extra beautiful spaces.

Thus, she wasn’t to share her feelings with a simple premise to help you feel happier and healthier through plants. Not long after, the brand skyrocketed, gathering like-minded plant parents. It has 773K followers on Instagram and 103K on Facebook.

But why does this brand have huge fans by simply selling plants and growing products? Thus, our The Sill review will dig for more information about this company. Let’s figure it out together!

Why The Sill Plants?

The Sill is the first stop to come to our mind to find healthy and fresh plants. One of the main reasons it became the leading company is the variety of plants and growing plant products.

Additionally, it also provides free online workshops and numerous local stores. It makes it easier for you to pick your plants. Also, the customer service is notable, with free shipping and a 30-day return policy.

What's On The Sill Website

Live plants are the main selling points of The Sill. The collection of plants in various sizes for decoration, from small to large. Furthermore, it also has other product collections like planters and plant care for growing needs.

Product Collections

Plants Small, Medium, and Large Plants
Planters Small & Medium, Large Planters, and Plant Stands
Plant Care Potting Supplies. Grow Lights, Virtual Plant Appointment, Moisture Meter, and more
Home & Decor Living Wall, Faux & Preserved, Stands & Hangers, Shelves, and more
Faux Faux Trees, Stem Sets, and more
Orchids & Flowers Orchids, Flowering Plants, Dried Bouquets, Bromeliads, Anthuriums, and more

You’ll find numerous houseplant species and other products if you scour each collection. Now, your curiosity may grow larger after learning about the collection. So, our The Sill review will break down some of the best-selling!

The Sill Snake Plant Laurentii Reviews

Having a snake plant in your indoor space is the best way to decorate and clean the air. As you can see, The Sill Snake Plant Laurentii is a succulent plant with upright sword-like leaves with yellow edges.

The Sill Snake Plant Laurentii Reviews
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This plant is also well known for its effortless growth with low light and drought tolerance. It only needs water every 2-3 weeks. Besides, it has superb air purifying capabilities. So it would be the best indoor plant and home decoration option.

Each plant is unique, and its size and shape fluctuate depending on the seasons. The simple yet unique color will effortlessly elevate the indoor design. Furthermore, it has various sizes available. Choose a small for the table top and a bigger size for the floor.

Snake Plant Laurentii Details

  • Size: Small (6–12″), Medium (16–24″), Large (24–36″)
  • Light: Medium to bright indirect light
  • Water: Every 2-3 weeks

With a small to large size option, the prices range from $38 to $98 with a grow pot. But you can also customize the planters that come in various colors and designs. So, bring this Snake Plant Laurentii plant for cleaner air and a cuter room!

The Sill Olive Tree Reviews

Looking for an aesthetic houseplant to make your home greener? Then, The Sill Olive Tree is the most recommended plant. This beautiful houseplant has small silvery gray-green leaves that make it unique.

The Sill Olive Tree Reviews
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With remarkable leaves and long, thin branches, it’ll suit any home interior. Put this olive tree to boost the interior, whether you have a bright or dark-colored room. Moreover, its stunning form also makes the olive branches into a bouquet.

Noteworthy. These Mediterranean plants require a decent amount of direct sunlight. So, it’s better to choose south and west-facing windows. Use grow lights during the winter or fall.

Olive Tree Details

  • Size: Small (5-10″), Medium (8″-16″), Large (40-48″)
  • Light: Bright light to full sun
  • Water: Every 1 week

The price ranges from $38 to $140 with small to large sizes options. It’ll come with the grow pot at that price. But you can choose other planters at a higher price. Thus, grow your healthy and happy olive tree now!

The Sill Planters Reviews

The Sill has multiple collections of pots and planters. It covers a unique shape and various colors. For instance, it has captivating planters like Grant Planter, the unique Terrazzo Archie Planters, and the latest Isabella Planters.

The Sill Planters Reviews
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But, our most recommended is The Sill Hyde Planter, which also has become the best-selling one. It’s an earthenware cylinder planter from a collaboration with Doan Pottery in Vietnam.

This pot features a drainage hole in the bottom with a matching saucer. It’ll catch the excess water to prevent it from spilling out. On top of that, you’ll love how this masterpiece has a superb build and premium feel in your hand.

Hyde Planter Details

  • Size: Mini (3″), Small (5″), Medium (7″)
  • Color: Black, Cream, Mint, Olive, Stone
  • Usage: Indoor/Outdoor

Additionally, it comes in three different sizes and colors. Each color is very natural, making it match any home interior. Thus, make your plant more captivating with these aesthetic Hyde planters at $34 to $48!

The Sill Prices

How Much Does It Cost?

The Sill lists the price in all of its product collections. Also, the brand often offers sales and other perks. All in all, the pricing is reasonable, ranging from $10 to $940. The cheapest item is the Coco Coir Pole and the highest is the Large Preserved Living Wall.

Pricing List

Plants $23-$182
Planters $34-$129
Plant Care $10-$289
Home & Decor $28-$940
Faux $38-$940
Orchids & Flowers $28-$98

As aforementioned, it has many perks that you can leverage. As an expert, we have hunted down all the deals to help you make the best investment. Hence, check the list below!

The Sill Plant Sale

  • Free shipping with no minimum orders
  • Visit the Deals page to find up to 50% off
  • Join the newsletter for a 10% discount code and deal updates.

The Sill Customer Testimonials

What Do Customers Think?

The Sill is a big brand in the industry with millions of sales and thousands of testimonials. This shop even gets multiple reviews from experts. Meanwhile, it currently obtains 533 feedbacks on Facebook. Now let’s see one of The Sill reviews below:

The Sill Customer Testimonials
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I have only bought one plant from The Sill so far, which is the parlor palm. But I’d definitely do it again. It arrived well-packaged and had materials about how and what is the best to care for it. The plant even looked better than expected.

Now, let’s put aside the positive reviews. It is better to consider one of the customer complaints below:

Great idea and most of the plants I obtained were in beautiful and healthy conditions…But the online chat is nearly never available. The emails also take days to get one response. And then, I need to email back and wait another few days.

This plant nursery has a mixed review of its plants and products. Basically, the products and pricing are impressive. But the only issue is how the customer support is poor. They usually take too much time to respond to the customers.

Is The Sill Worth It?

The Sill is a worthy option for those looking for an easy way to purchase houseplants. Its vast selection of products even covers live plants and faux plants. The products are also of good quality.

Is The Sill Worth It?
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The plants are healthy, with many species and sizes available. It can be slightly damaged in shipping but will keep alive after some care. Also, the return policy will cover any damage. Overall, it’s worth it with a great collection of stunning plants and planters at reasonable.

The Sill Shop Pros And Cons

Knowing every dark and bright side of the brand is better. That being said, we’ve put together the pros and cons of the company. Consider the list below to make a wise decision!


  • Myriad collection of plant species
  • Vast options for care and growing product
  • Details information and caring instruction
  • Healthy and happy plants
  • Quality and beautiful planters
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Free shipping
  • 30 days return policy
  • Free workshop


  • The plants can be damaged during shipping
  • The customer support response takes days.

The Sill Customer Service

How do I contact The Sill?

Have any questions? The support team will be glad to help fix any issues. To reach the team between Monday-Friday 9 am – 5 pm EST, to get the fastest replay:

Headquarters Address

84 Hester St
New York. United States

Where To Buy The Sill

It’s time to grow your plants for a happier you. So, the best place to scour and buy its plant collections is its official store at Besides, you can visit the store locator to find its shop in several locations like Brooklyn, NYC, San Francisco, and Bethesda.


Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, check the FAQs related to The Sill review that you may be curious about.

Where did The Sill originate?

The shop originated from New York City’s Chinatown.

Does The Sill ship to Hawaii?

It currently only ships in the contiguous US within all 48 states.

How does The Sill ship plants?

The plants are delivered with the nursery grow pot to ensure safe shipping to the customer’s doorstep.

Is The Sill Legit?

The long history in the industry with millions of loyal customers shows that The Sill is legit. Even better, it’s accredited and rated A+ on BBB.


Having plants in your home is not only about decoration. It highly affects your mind and how it can create a better living space with better air. Well, the elevated garden interior is a plus point. That’s why we are highly interested in breaking down this plant’s nursery.

When we talk about the information in our The Sill review, this company is a great one-stop store for houseplants. It has a wide collection to choose from with unique and healthy plants. So, grow your plants for a closer step to nature!

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