Fast Growing Trees LLC is a leading online nursery under the leadership of Adam Smith as the CEO. Since 2005, this company has been selling trees from its Fort Mill, South Carolina backyard. Reviews
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From its own nearly 100-acre backyard, it offers a wide range of plants. Furthermore, the company pioneered the farm-to-backyard plants concept. It allows the company to grow healthier and happier plants.

Its mission is to deliver superb trees and plants you can rely on and directly send to your home. Its dedication allows it to grow more extensively, with over 244K followers on Instagram and 59.8K on Facebook.

Do you still want to know more about every good and bad side? Read more about our review to learn our testimonials, pricing, customer service, and more!


The thing that makes sets itself apart from others is due to the closeness to the farm. By doing this, it has healthier plants with well-developed root systems. Plus, it has nutrient-rich soil to maintain the plant’s health.

Also, the super wide farm has varieties of plants selected by the expert, from fruiting to flowering trees. You can find ideal plants and trees that fit your climate and landscape needs.

Backed with specialists for one-on-one support, contact the resource center for guides, tips, and recommendations. On top of that, the plants are covered with free shipping and a 30-day alive and thrive guarantee.

What's On focuses on offering various plant collections to your door. It specializes in farm-to-backyard plants with healthier plants for you. Moreover, all outdoor and indoor plants are nurtured by the best growers.

From its exclusively nurtured plant in its backyard, you can get the first dibs on the freshest and healthiest selection of fruits, flowering shrubs, privacy, shades, tropicals, perennials, and other trees.

Trees and Plants Collections

Fruit Trees Shrubs & Hedges Evergreen & Privacy
Flowering Trees Palm Trees Shade Trees
House & Patio Perennials Garden Supplies

From avocado trees to azalea shrubs, this company has the best choices for you. But are you sure about what the company claims? So, let’s uncover the true quality of their plants in the following section of our review!

Fast Growing Trees For Privacy Reviews

Thuja Green Giant

Want to have some privacy? The Thuja Green Giant trees are a great option for building your beautiful green fence. It’ll elevate your garden and interior look while also enhancing your privacy.

Fast Growing Trees For Privacy Reviews
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These privacy trees allow you to block out neighbors while also taking up small space in your yard. Furthermore, it can grow in uniform shape and height for a clean tree fence look. Simply get the elegant French Renaissance look without the hassle of prune or shear.

In fact, it has a simple maintenance, or you don’t have to do anything to the trees. It’s due to the high drought tolerance and no significant insect or disease problems. Truly effortless.

In addition, its hybrid-grown Thuja Green Giants guarantee the well-rooted tree for explosive growth. It allows the trees to easily adapt to the new environment and focus on growing.

These privacy trees can also grow in full sun or partial shade and don’t need any extra fertilizer. It also can grow with only rainwater except for the first 6 months with regular watering.

Available in 1-2 ft to 6-7 ft jumbo, you can choose based on your preference. Indeed, the shorter it is, the cheaper the price is, and vice versa. So, grow your stunning fence with these aesthetic shade trees at $19.95 to $389.95! Shade Trees Reviews

Autumn Blaze Red Maple Tree

No doubt, maple is the most beautiful tree during autumn. The Autumn Blaze Red Maple Tree is the best shade tree. It’ll make your home have the best yard on the block during the autumn. Shade Trees Reviews
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The Red Maple tree will give your home a stunning color without lifting your finger. One thing that makes this so popular is the hassle-free maintenance. It can thrive without fuss. Even more, it’s highly adaptable to a wide range of soil and climates.

Furthermore, it can grow in full-sun locations with well-drained soil. It also prefers high nitrogen levels. So you should use a fertilizer with a high first number, like 16-4-8 or 12-4-8 formulas. The rainwater is enough for the watering, but it needs a little extra watering during the drought.

Additionally, this tree grows fast, 3-5 ft per year. There are two sizes available, which are 5-6 ft and 6-7 ft. So, look forward to a dazzling fall show every year with fantastically colored Red Maple shade trees priced from $179.95 to $249.95! Pricing

How Much Does It Cost? has a vast selection of plant-related products, from flowering shrubs and fruiting trees to fertilizer and gardening trees. So the price is highly varies with pricing starting at $9.95.

The size of the trees also determines the price. So, the shorter the pricing, the lower since it needs time to thrive. Below are some of the perks and promo codes you can leverage to purchase your trees.

  • Free shipping on orders over $129
  • Get an extra discount by purchasing the trees in 10-pack
  • Find Fast Growing Trees for sale for up to 60% off on the sale page
  • Join the email list for 10% off coupon codes and future perks notifications. Warranty

One of the biggest hurdles for purchasing plants online is the shipping damage. Fortunately, offers a 30-day return policy with the Alive & Thrive Guarantee.

In addition, customers also can purchase the 1-year extended warranty. This warranty will offer a one-time replacement during the time when the tree has died. So, to claim the return or warranty, you can contact the customer service team.

Fast Growing Trees Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Become the leading company in selling plants. This brand has a high number of ratings and reviews. On Sitejabber, it has collected 142,065 reviews number with 4.7/5 rating. Here’s the rating and review data of the best-selling trees:

Fast Growing Trees Reviews
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Relatively, most of the products on its website have high reviews and ratings. It shows how customers are mostly satisfied with the purchase. Here is one of reviews:

Two of my trees arrived quickly and in very good condition. They are also bigger than I expected. They were planted and looked happy. The deers loved them, so we ended up fencing them in. I can’t wait for the fruit they will produce!

With the majority of positive testimonials, we specifically choose one customer complaint. Below is one of their nitpicks:

It looked very damaged, but I could bring it back to life under good lights and the right pot. The tree is just now flowering, and I’m so excited to see the fruit starting to appear!

Nearly all the testimonials have no issues with the trees. It comes healthy and looks good. On the other hand, there are mixed reviews about shipping. A few customers complained about shipping damage but still managed to regain it to the fullest.

Is Worth It?

No matter what kind of trees you’re looking for, is an absolutely trustworthy company. It has selections of plants from Hydrangea shrubs to Ginko trees at the best price.

Is Worth It?
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The plants have a bright and hardy color from flower to leaf color. Also, we like how the trees are well packaged and well rooted for healthier trees and easier planting. So, from pricing to quality, it offers the best option. Pros And Cons

To help you make a wide purchasing decision, you should consider the brand’s negative and positive sides. So review the Fast Growing Trees’ pros and cons below:


  • Well-developed root systems
  • Wide varieties of plants
  • Healthy plants
  • Detailed care instruction
  • Affordable pricing
  • One-on-one support
  • Free shipping
  • 1-year extended warranty
  • 30 days return policy
  • High rate and reviews from customers


  • The customer stated about the minor damage in the shipping
  • Delay in shipping.

Fast Growing Trees Customer Service

How To Contact

Want to know more about your plants and trees before checking out? No matter what your issue is, contact the customer service that is available at:

Headquarters Address

2621 Old Nation Road
Fort Mill, SC 29715

Where To Buy

Ready to plant your beautiful tree in your garden? Then, you should scour the wide selection of trees on Buy online easily and have it delivered to your door!


Frequently Asked Questions

When scouring review, you may have several questions in your mind. So, check the FAQs below that people also ask.

Where does FastGrowingTrees ship from?

The trees are shipped from its location in South Carolina.

How do you unpack a Fast Growing Tree?

When your order arrives, lift the plant from the box by the base. Then, remove the plastic wrapping. Remember that some plants come with cardboard collars for extra protection. So, you should remove the collar before pulling the plant from the box.

Who is the CEO of Fast Growing Trees? is under the leadership of Adam Smith.

Is legit?

Having hundreds of thousands of genuine customer reviews and high ratings, this Fast Growing Trees is truly legit. Furthermore, the company has a safe website and secure payment with A+ accredited on BBB.

How much is revenue?

In 2022, Fast Growing Trees reach its peak revenue of around $20.0M.


Welcome to the last section of our review! Based on our research, this company is the best place to find a wide selection of plants, from vibrant flower shrubs to giant trees.

Combining healthy plants with stunning looks will elevate your yard or garden looks. Plus, these well-rooted trees provide a strong foundation for growing healthy plants effortlessly. Thus, grow your plants for a dazzling garden with!

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