Fairyblooms Succulents Review

Take after its name, the Fairyblooms Succulents is a succulent company located in San Diego, California. It’s a family-run business passionate about bringing succulents to the world. Their whole family dearly loves succulents.

Fairyblooms Succulents Review
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With their genuine devotion to succulents, they spend most of their days capturing worth-like succulent pics. Then, post it on Instagram to share the beauty of this plant to the world. Meanwhile, on weekends, it has to Do It Yourself Workshops for those like-minded people to get more insight.

As a result, their genuine love for these cutie pie plants has led many people to interest in this shop. Now, its well-developed social media swarmed with over 304K followers on Instagram and 52K on Facebook. Enjoy regular posts of stunning succulents.

However, popularity and quality are different cases. No matter how hype it’s on social media, we should know its true face. Thus, our Fairyblooms Succulents review will uncover every side of this brand. Keep reading!

Why Fairyblooms Succulents Company?

Looking for a reliable succulent farm? Then, it’s the best reason to shop at Fairyblooms Succulents. All the plants are cultivated with love and carefully to maintain beauty and health.

This brand also has a fabulous collection of live plants in various shapes and colors. The combination is fantastic to make it look more unique and stunning. Furthermore, the brand successfully provides a great community to gather all succulent enthusiasts in one place.

Regarding customer service, it’s not only about free shipping or the return and refund policy. But you can get a friendly customer service team to help you grow the plants.

What's On Fairyblooms Website

Simply put, Fairyblooms is a succulent nursery where you can buy succulents online. Their family carefully grows and arranges the succulents to be offered to the world. It has various sizes, shapes, and colors available.

In addition, you can find myriad succulent types like Cubic Frost, Chroma, Debbie, Neon Breakers, Flapjack, and more. But, it’s not only cultivated succulent. Find other plants like cactus, cacti, Hoya Queen, and other plants.

Fairyblooms Plant Collections

Aside from the products, it has several services like weddings, holiday special events, workshops, and home decorations. The company is also actively opening its shop in several farmers’ markets and local fairs.

But are their plants good and healthy? Let’s put our noses in the Fairyblooms Succulents review section below!

Fairyblooms Pixie Succulents Reviews

Pixie Blooms

If you are looking for the basic and the most affordable succulents, this Fairyblooms Succulents Pixie Blooms is the perfect option. This perfect purchase lets you get various succulents in a cute mini size.

Fairyblooms Pixie Succulents Reviews
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facebook.com/fairyblooms https://facebook.com/fairyblooms

The Pixie succulents cuttings include the 10 baby succulents that are carefully chosen and wrapped in tissue paper. Find mini plants like Echeverita, Graptoveria, Haworthia, Mimircy, Kalanchoe, and more.

We love how it comes in multiple shapes and sizes to make it more unique. Plus, the colorful variations make it more vibrant and look good when combined.

Additionally, the succulents are very healthy, making them easy to replant. Place the cuttings in soil or any dry place with natural filter light. Then, after a few weeks, you’ll see small roots sprout.

It’s an utterly excellent starter pack, where you can experiment with how to arrange it. Make your most beautiful arrangement. So, get a cute and stunning pixie blooms succulent at only $24. Psst, it’s only $12 now!

Fairyblooms Succulents Pricing

How Much Does It Cost?

The price of Fairyblooms Succulents varies from $4.95 to $105 depending on the product’s size and the plant type. The cheapest is Heat Pack, and the highest is Spiral Cactus. Here’s the price range of each collection:

Surprisingly, even at the highest price above, it’s not the actual price. Currently, it’s on sale, so the highest price is only $79. Indeed, this succulent shop often offers great perks or discounts in its collection. Check the current savings below:

  • Get free shipping on orders over $50
  • Visit the product collection page to find all items on sale
  • Join the newsletter to get a unique discount code and future offer notifications.

Fairyblooms Succulents Care

Basically, succulents and cacti are the easiest plants to grow. But there are some tips that you should know about succulent care. First, it should be placed with natural bright lights near the window or patio.

Fairyblooms Succulents Care
Image credit: facebook.com/fairyblooms
facebook.com/fairyblooms https://facebook.com/fairyblooms

The succulents don’t like wet soil, so water it when it’s scorched. Every climate is different, so check the ground before watering it. Furthermore, most of the succulent can’t tolerate frost. It’s better to bring indoors during the winter.

Additionally, using cactus soil and pumice is better when choosing the grow media. It’s the best environment for this plant. Aside from that, you may also consider the succulent cutting when needed to shape it.

The Fairyblooms propagation is simple, allowing you to share and collect various plant types. Simply ensure cut the stem’s end when it is calloused over before watering. It’ll prevent them from rotting. Thus, follow these succulent care tips to ensure your plant grows properly!

Fairyblooms Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Indeed, this brand has a wide customer base thanks to the wide reach of its social media. However, it only has a very small number of customer reviews. Here’s one of the consumer reports on its Facebook account:

Fairyblooms Reviews
Image credit: facebook.com/fairyblooms
facebook.com/fairyblooms https://facebook.com/fairyblooms

Got my plants packed carefully and healthy. Absolutely, I will be buying it again!

The customer above stated about the good condition of the live plants. Furthermore, it reported the safe packaging. Another customer also said:

I’ve been following Fairy Blooms on Instagram for a few years now and love all their rare succulent varieties. I was building a large succulent garden and decided to buy some of the rarer stuff from Fairy Blooms.

Due to the small number of customer testimonials. We can’t say much about the service, but most state about the healthy and quality plants. In contrast, some customers complain about the lack of customer service responsiveness.

Is Fairyblooms Succulents Worth The Money?

If you’ve been following Fairyblooms Succulents on social media, you probably know how it’s worth investing in. It has a fantastic range of succulents, making it the best place if you have your eyes on rare species.

Is Fairyblooms Succulents Worth The Money?
Image credit: facebook.com/fairyblooms
facebook.com/fairyblooms https://facebook.com/fairyblooms

The succulent plants ship healthily with superb packaging. It ensures the plants are sent to you safely, even for the bare-root one.

Also, the plants are very easy to care for, so you won’t put much effort into keeping them alive. Overall, it has a great, healthy, diverse, and vibrant succulent collection.

Fairyblooms Succulents Pros And Cons

We’ve summarized the brand’s pros and cons based on our investigation. So examine it!


  • Easy to care
  • Wide collection of plants
  • Diverse succulents and cactus species
  • Various vibrant colors
  • Healthy succulents
  • Safe packaging
  • Free shipping
  • Refund and return policy
  • Active on social media for sharing succulent posts


  • Customer reviews are limited
  • The shipping is prone to be late
  • The customer service team lack of responsiveness.

Fairyblooms Succulents Customer Service

What Do Customers Think?

Feel free to reach customer service, which will respond to you at their earliest opportunity. So, whether you have questions or concerns regarding your succulent, use the Fairyblooms contact information below:

Company Address

2003 Sequoia
St. San Marcos, CA
92048 United States

Where To Buy Fairyblooms Succulents

Ready to bring your cutie succulents home? Then, you should head over to its online website at fairyblooms.com. Choose your dream succulent, and it’ll sent straight to your door!


Frequently Asked Questions

When we look for a Fairyblooms Succulents review, you may have several questions lingering in your mind. Here are some of the related questions that people usually ask.

Is Fairyblooms Succulents Legit?

Fairyblooms Succulents is absolutely legit with its secure website and safe payment method. The brand and website seem legitimate, with a B+ rating on BBB. Meanwhile, it got a 78 trust score from ScamAdviser.

Does Fairyblooms Succulents offer wholesale?

The website doesn’t give information about bulk purchases or wholesale. However, you can reach the customer service team to find out since most companies have separate ways for wholesalers.

Where are Fairyblooms Succulents located?

Its plant nursery location is in San Diego, California.

Does Fairyblooms Succulents ship internationally?

No. Currently, Fairybloom only ships in the US. This is because some of the plants are bare-rooted, so they can’t survive during weeks of delivery.


Looking for bare root succulents for sale? Indeed, it’s not an easy case. Many shipping cause damage and are not easy to care for. However, our Fairyblooms Succulents review truly brings you a solution to bring captivating succulents to your home.

This brand has noteworthy quality when it comes to bare root succulents. It’s packaged safely and comes healthy. Not to mention the ease of care and replant. So, choose your favorite splendid succulents to complete your collection by visiting Fairyblooms Succulents!

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