Eastern Leaf Review

Founded in the fall of 2004, Jason and Renee started out as small vendors selling lucky bamboo arrangements at their local farmers market in San Diego. They made every effort to fill their 10 x 10 booth with as many plants as possible, including bonsai, which was hot on the market.

Eastern Leaf Review
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As the years passed with waves of up-and-down sales, Jason and Renee continued to try and add more products to the store, expanding the selection of bonsai trees, lucky bamboo, money trees, orchids, and other natural Zen-related products.

Having an owner who is very active in the bonsai community, Eastern Leaf is well deserving of having their products appear in various magazines and publications, including Better Homes & Garden, Vogue, Washington Post, Veranda Magazine, Las Vegas Journal, as well as appearances on the television show Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

It doesn’t stop there, the brand is also very active in sharing updates and information on its social media, gaining 13k followers on Facebook and 7.5k followers on Instagram.

Eastern Leaf continues to grow and is quickly establishing itself as a trusted source of quality bonsai trees and other plants. 

So what do you think? Now that you’ve read a bit of history about the brand, are they really worth it? To make your decision more convincing, the Eastern Leaf review has covered a wide range of information about the brand. So don’t leave and keep scrolling!

Why Eastern Leaf?

As we know that bonsai is a special plant that not just anyone can take care of. Moreover, this ornamental plant that has a fairly high price is also known to be a fairly rare plant. Therefore, before deciding to buy bonsai from Eastern Leaf, you must be sure of the reasons why you should buy from this brand.

Why Eastern Leaf?
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facebook.com/easternleaf https://facebook.com/easternleaf

Of course, we have a special reason why we recommend this brand to you. It is a place that offers one of the largest selections of bonsai tree species. Their bonsai trees collection has been professionally trained. 

All the bonsai trees they sell are shipped directly from their own nursery directly to you. The brand is very careful to sell its plant collection.

In addition to their high quality and best-in-market plant products, their service is also exceptional. As the company, warehouse, nursery, and staff have grown, the value of service remains the same; to bring a simple and enjoyable shopping experience for everyone with individualized, personalized service.

As a rare plant, of course, bonsai requires care from professionals who understand exactly what these plants need. With the expertise and experience that the brand owners have, there is no doubt that their products grow very well. 

These are the things that make this brand trusted and worthy of your choice as the best hand provider of high-quality bonsai. 

What's On Eastern Leaf

Eastern Leaf is a company that focuses on selling a wide range of ornamental plants that are sought after by plant collectors, such as quality bonsai trees, lucky bamboo, money trees, and orchids.

What's On Eastern Leaf
Image credit: facebook.com/easternleaf
facebook.com/easternleaf https://facebook.com/easternleaf

In addition to ornamental plant supplies that will work well with your existing greenery, they also offer a wide range of gardening tools and planting supplies such as Bonsai Soil, fountains, sculptures, decorative moss, vases, and many more.

They even sell bath and body products that are all-natural, handmade, and plant-inspired, such as scented soy candles, to create a meditative vibe.

The brand holds Bonsai classes and workshops that anyone can attend. So, if you are interested in learning more, please contact the team listed in the How To Contact Eastern Leaf section.

Although they sell many types of products other than plants, in this Eastern Leaf review, we only focus on their bonsai plants. We will discuss the best-selling and most sought-after Chinese Elm bonsai from this brand.

Eastern Leaf Chinese Elm Review

Are you a beginner or intermediate enthusiast who wants to practice clip-and-grow pruning? If that’s you, then the Chinese Elm, which is characterized by its leaf shape and trunk development, would be a good tree for you. 

Eastern Leaf Chinese Elm Review
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easternleaf.com https://easternleaf.com

This type of bonsai is easy to train and easy to shape with strong branch and root growth. That’s why this plant is beginner friendly.

Chinese elm is semi-deciduous and may lose its leaves in certain climates. It is a very hardy tree that can accommodate both indoor and outdoor environments with ample natural lighting.

Pruning Chinese Elm Bonsai trees will continue to produce fresh leaves according to the shape you choose.

Bonsai Specifications

  • Age Range: 5-7 Years Old
  • Height: 10″ – 14” Tall Potted
  • Classification: Broadleaf Semi Deciduous
  • Level: Beginner/Intermediate
  • Pot: 7” Ceramic Bonsai Pot

Well, when purchasing this bonsai, you can choose the pot from two variations 8″ Blue Oval Pot and a 7″ Blue Rectangle Pot. 

This item qualifies for 30-day plant replacement and free shipping over $100.

9.0 9/10
9.0 9/10
Ease of maintenance
8.0 8/10

Eastern Leaf Price

If you are not a plant collector who is familiar with collecting rare and special plants, you might be a little surprised at the bonsai prices and other plants offered by this brand. 

On the other hand, if you’re already familiar with buying and collecting these high-quality plants, then you certainly won’t be surprised about the price.

For the various types of plants sold by this brand, you can get by spending around $35 – $995. While the entire product, including other garden supplies and decorations, costs around $1 to $995.

While you are interested in the Chinese Elm, we have covered it in the bonsai reviews section; it will cost you $69 to get it.

Well, the brand has a very interesting offer for you. For the purchase of Juniper Bonsai products, please use coupon code TC8D3 to save 10% off. Buy and claim the code now to get the discount!

Eastern Leaf Pros & Cons

It is undeniable that every brand has its own strengths and weaknesses, and Eastern Leaf is no exception. In order for you to make an informed decision, we’ve pinpointed the brand pros and cons below. 

Eastern Leaf Pros 

  • All of the brand collections are professionally trained trees
  • Great packaging so the live plants arrived in good shape
  • Lightning fast shipping
  • Free Shipping for over $100
  • 7 days live plants and 30-day general products return policy
  • Provide 30-day plant replacement in some products
  • Friendly customer service
  • Customer satisfaction

Eastern Leaf Cons

  • Products received may differ from the picture

Is Eastern Leaf Worth To Buy?

You may be hesitant to buy a bonsai tree online, but we are confident that Eastern Leaf’s selection will change your mind.

Is Eastern Leaf Worth To Buy?
Image credit: facebook.com/easternleaf
facebook.com/easternleaf https://facebook.com/easternleaf

Whether you choose a specific plant or a kit from their sale, you’ll receive a shrub that will bring years of peace to your life. You need to know that the bonsai trees they sell are professionally trained trees that have a very beautiful shape and are ready to be used as decoration.

They also feature useful tools to make your tree look as beautiful and healthy as possible to help anyone whether you are a beginner or an expert bonsai enthusiast. 

Therefore, it can be concluded that this brand is very worthy for anyone who wants to take care of and have a bonsai tree or other beautiful plants. 

Eastern Leaf Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Eastern Leaf has served many fortune 500 companies, helping many of them promote their eco-friendly message. They have over 350,000 deliveries ordered by their customers. 

Out of the many buyers who order their collections, you might be curious to hear what their customers are saying. Thus, we have prepared some reviews left by customers that we got on the official website.

Reaching 5/5 stars based on 10681 reviews means that customers are very satisfied with the products they get from this brand. Here are the positive reviews:

Everything is well packaged and, so far, bonsai is still going strong.

According to the review, in addition to the bonsai which of course still survives well, the product is packaged very well too. This is a very important thing since it’s an online purchase, shipping is crucial so that the plant reaches the buyer’s hand in good condition. 

Other customers also left positive comments:

Very nice. Very lively and beautiful. My son loved it. Yes, will most likely buy from your company in the future. Thank you.

The customer’s satisfaction with a good and beautiful product makes him want to repurchase for the second time. 

From these two brief meaningful reviews, it can be concluded that the brand does the best in terms of its products and services. It is turning it into a brand with excellent quality and trustworthiness.

How To Contact Eastern Leaf

Whether you have questions about the plants you order or any other queries, whatever your question is, their team will be happy to respond to you.

It is recommended to contact the team on Monday – Friday 8:30 am PST – 5:00 pm PST for an effective response.

If you want to visit Bonsai Warehouse Nursery, you can visit the address listed below and contact them at:

  • Phone: (909) 517-2990
  • Address: 4789 Cheyenne Way, Chino, CA 91710

Store Hours: Fall / Winter Hours

  • Monday – Friday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Saturday – Closed
  • Sunday – Closed

Where To Buy Eastern Leaf

The only good place to buy bonsai trees and other live plants from this brand online is through its official website www.easternleaf.com. There you will get the best quality plants with exciting offers such as free shipping for purchases over $100.

You can also visit the Warehouse Bonsai Nursery located in Chino, CA Southern California Location to handpick their collection.


Nature can be very calming, especially greenery will give you peace during your busy times. Therefore, incorporating ornamental plants such as bonsai into your daily life can have a positive effect.

Bonsai trees can give you inner peace. They help purify the air and create a relaxing environment. Thanks to their small size, they fit into any space without standing out.

You can get the bonsai you want in any type, indoor or outdoor, Eastern Leaf has it covered!

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