LetPot Reviews

Initially, LetPot offers technology widely used in agriculture for irrigation and monitoring. Later, the company adapted and modified its product to cater to household use. Here, its innovative indoor gardening products were born.

LetPot Reviews
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facebook.com/LetPotSmartGarden https://facebook.com/LetPotSmartGarden

As time goes by, the company keeps thriving with the mission to make gardening more accessible, sustainable, and efficient. Its dedicated team works together to innovate and develop its product’s smart features and cutting-edge technology.

Its dedication and innovative products drive this company to grow at a neck-breaking pace. You can find it on FOX NEWS Channel, Digital Journal, MarketWatch, Benzinga, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, USA TODAY, and more.

Shockingly, this gardening brand even has over 3.1K followers on Instagram and Facebook. But do these numbers mean something or nothing? Let’s find out from our curated sections on this LetPot review!

Why LetPot Hydroponic Growing System?

For those with no skill to grow plants, LetPot will truly make growing easier like modern people. Combining sophisticated technology and innovation offers high-value products. Also, use the app to manage and nurture your plants easily.

Its smart planter also has a sleek look and compact design. It allows you to hassle-free grow plants indoors without consuming too much space. No more eyesore and unhealthy plants.

Another good point of this brand is the risk-free purchase and superb customer service. So, the online purchase will be covered with free shipping, a 30-day return policy, and 1-year warranty.

What's On LetPot

To take your gardening experience to the next level, LetPot is a smart gardening brand for growing fruits and vegetables with ease and fun. Whether seasoned pro or beginner, its high-tech products are great for everyone.

The products are compatible with apps for automation. So it’s like other smart electronics in your home. Furthermore, its website also has other gardening products, from pots to liquid plant food.

Product Collections

Hydroponics System LPH-Max, Pro, Senior, Mini Hydroponics Growing System, etc
Smart Planter MP1, Plant Pots, Flowerpot Side Covers, LED System, etc
Watering System Drip Irrigation Kits, Accessories, Electric Watering Can, etc

With the current product collection, find all the products needed to grow your indoor hydroponic plants. So, are you ready to take a tour of its products? Read the product details and quality in the LetPot review section below!

LetPot MP1 Smart Modular Planter Reviews

MP1 Smart Modular Planter with App Control and Automatic Water Cycling

Do you always forget to water your plant after leaving home? The LetPot Smart Modular Planter (MP1) is the best solution. This smart planter offers the ultimate self-watering solution for hydroponic or soil culture.

LetPot MP1 Smart Modular Planter Reviews
Image credit: letpot.com
letpot.com https://letpot.com

Use the features-packed app to control the watering schedule, intervals, and duration. Furthermore, you’ll notified of the water shortage alarm from the phone. What a great feature to avoid an accident.

Surprisingly, you can use it outdoors to let your plants enjoy healthy sunshine. The IPX6 waterproofing build ensures its safe performance even for outdoor use. Meanwhile, the 16L water tank can dam a decent water capacity for several days.

In addition, it has ample space with 6 individual pots connected with 3-in-1 pot bases. Not only that, this smart modular planter can be solar-powered. You can save your electricity bills. So, grow your plant like a modern grower with MP1 at $228.76!

LetPot LPH-SE Hydroponics Growing System Reviews

Senior Hydroponics Growing System, 12 Pods Smart Garden with App Control

What’s more refreshing than freshly harvested herbs and veggies? If you love salad, you may be addicted to fresh herbs than get it from the refrigerator. The LetPot Senior Hydroponics Growing System will help you grow herbs and fruits in your kitchen.

LetPot LPH-SE Hydroponics Growing System Reviews
Image credit: letpot.com
letpot.com https://letpot.com

This Senior Hydroponics grower comes with the LetPot app compatibility to allow you to control it using your phone fully. Also, the 5.5L water tank and 19″ high LED panel will elevate the hassle-free indoor growing to the top.

Using the 24-watt LED growing light and silent water pump will supply sunlight and oxygen regularly. Customize the planting mode and water cycling for optimum growth of the plants.

Another thing that we like is the durable stainless steel outer. It provides a sleek look that is great on your countertop. So, freshly pick your herbs, veggies, and fruits from your Hydroponic Growing System at $108.99!

LetPot LPH Max Hydroponics Growing System Reviews

Max Hydroponics Growing System, 21 Pods Self-Managed Garden with App Control

Need a higher capacity than the LP SE? Then, this LetPot Max Hydroponics Growing System with 21 pots is the answer! The LP Max is a comprehensive set to start growing your fresh produce. Simply plant the seeds and wait for the harvesting time to come.

LetPot LPH Max Hydroponics Growing System Reviews
Image credit: letpot.com
letpot.com https://letpot.com

Like other products, it’s compatible with the smart app for self-managed nurturing control. The app also offers a shortage alarm and thoroughly monitors the water level, lighting, temperature, nutrient status, etc. In one app, you can access all the features.

Additionally, the 8-level adjustable LED lighting offers a customized setting based on the plant’s needs. Another thing upgraded from this is the use of watering, nurturing, and recycling pumps. This system can maintain the efficiency.

Aside from that, it also comes with a 7.5L water tank and waterproof nano-coating. So supply your daily green needs from your own grows using this smart 4-in-1 indoor garden. Grab it now for only $269.99 before returning to the regular price of $329!

LetPot Drip Irrigation Reviews

Automatic Watering System, Drip Irrigation Kits with App Control

Is your plant barely alive due to your always skipping the watering time? If you have no time for watering, it’s time to upgrade your current plant with an automatic watering system. The LetPot Drip Irrigation Kit is a reliable automated watering system with an easy-to-use app.

LetPot Drip Irrigation Reviews
Image credit: letpot.com
letpot.com https://letpot.com

Use the app to manage the drip, whether set a schedule or monitor the water level. Also, it has a water shortage alarm, so you don’t have to check the water supply regularly. It’s truly a one-for-all app for a modern grower.

This smart drip irrigation system has a silent water pump. Working only with 30dB noise, you’ll barely hear it. Furthermore, we love how it is rated IPX6 waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor use.

The innovative drip irrigation kits come with 10 drippers and 33ft water pipes. Use the extra drip heads to add more, depending on your needs. So, let your plants get a regular water supply for healthily thriving at $69. Check now for only $56.49!

LetPot Pricing

How Much Does It Cost?

Wondering how much creating smart growing in your home cost? With its complete smart growing kits, the price ranges from $6.99 to $329. This price is pretty affordable considering the high-end features and quality build.

The lowest-priced item on its website is Max’s 2-Pod Tray Big Sponges Accessory kit. Meanwhile, the highest cost is the Max Hydroponics Growing System. Furthermore, this intelligent growing brand also has many perks. Here’s the current saving list:

Letpot for Sale

  • Free shipping on orders over $29
  • Check the product collection to find items at a discount
  • Get LetPot Mini Hydroponic Garden on order over $200
  • Become a member to earn rewards and unlock exciting perks
  • Register to get a 10% off coupon code and future perks updates.

LetPot App

To access all the smart features in its growing system device, you need to use the LetPot app. The app is available for iOS and Android which is basically compatible with most smartphones. Then, it’ll work by connecting to the Bluetooth.

The app contains information about multiple species of plants and how to grow them. You can monitor the remaining water and set the schedules using the app. It includes the duration and interval. Furthermore, users will get a notification if there’s a water shortage.

LetPot Vs AeroGarden

When looking for a smart indoor gardening system, you may also meet its competitors like AeroGarden. So here, we’ll compare the LetPot and AeroGarden hydroponic systems.

  LetPot LPH-Max AeroGarden Bounty Elite
Price $269.99 $255
Pods 21 9
LCD Touch Screen Touch Screen
LED Wattage 36W 50W
Weight  7.16 pounds 11.97 pounds
Dimensions 16.5*11.4*7.8 inches 16*6*8 inches

LetPot Customer Review

What Do Customers Think?

Don’t settle for our personal opinion only. We have to be neutral and consider what customers say. Fortunately, this brand has many customer testimonials. It allows us to check every positive and negative opinion after trying the products.

LetPot Customer Review
Image credit: facebook.com/LetPotSmartGarden
facebook.com/LetPotSmartGarden https://facebook.com/LetPotSmartGarden

Based on the data gathered in Judge.Me the company has a 4.87/5 average rating with 244 reviews. How about on its official site? The following is the data of best-selling items review and rating:

From the rating data above, this smart growing system brand has an almost perfect rating. It shows how the customers are mostly satisfied with the purchase. But what exactly the customers’ opinion is? Let’s see one of LetPot reviews:

This hydroponic growing system is easy to set up with very simple instructions and everything you need except the seeds… This system is so quiet you don’t realize it’s running. Yet, it produces a lot of light…

Regardless of the positive reviews, we must consider even the slightest negative opinion. So here’s a complaint on the Pro Hydroponics Growing System testimonial:

It’s a very cool device! It’s easy to use and does what it says – we have some beautiful lettuce from it. The only downside I have is that the light is not high enough, and there is some leaf burn.

Most users state that it is easy to set up and performs well. It’s also pretty quiet when running. Other than that, there’s a complaint about how the lighting height is pretty low, leaving a burning leaf.

Is LetPot Worth It?

No doubt. Valid. LetPot Smart Growing System is worth it. Its product is undoubtedly developed high-end products that make growing plants effortlessly. Combining the features-packed app and sophisticated technology would bring the growing experience to the next level.

The design is sleek and waterproof, which allows it to work outdoors. Furthermore, it works flawlessly and quietly. It won’t even disturb your activity at home. Overall, it is the best option if you’re not good or have no time to nurture plants.

LetPot Pros And Cons

After reading our comprehensive review, do you get the point? So, to make it easier for you to grasp the points, we’ve compiled the short pros and cons. Check it out!


  • Easy to set up
  • Features-packed app
  • Decent looks and a durable build
  • Noiseless performance
  • Hassle-free growing
  • Free shipping
  • 30-day return policy
  • 1-year warranty
  • Extremely positive testimonials


  • If the plants are pretty high, the lighting will be too close.

LetPot Customer Service

How To Contact

Need a planting system recommendation? Don’t be shy to ask its customer service, which will gladly contact you. So, use the contact information below:

Headquarters Address

Block B, Floor 12, Block B1
Mei Hing Industrial Building 16-18 Hing Yip
ST KWUN TONG KL, 999077, Hong Kong

Where To Buy LetPot

Time to effortlessly grow your plant! Grab its product at the most reasonable cost from letpot.com. Also, find its collection on online shopping platforms like Amazon!


Frequently Asked Questions

Demand for more information? We’ve specially created this section to feed your curiosity with FAQs related to LetPot review.

Where to find LetPot instructions?

The installation is pretty easy, but you can get the manual book if you need an instruction. Or find the instruction manual PDF version on the User Manual page.

Is LetPot legit?

With hundreds of customer reviews and a 4.87-star rating, this brand is legit. Furthermore, most customers have excellent experience when using the products. It’s also due to the 1-year warranty and 30-day return policy to guarantee the quality.


Overall, this brand is a good option for finding automation for growing plants. Our LetPot review has gathered everything you need, from product quality to customer testimonials. It shows that this brand indeed has quality growing devices with high-end features.

In addition, the high-tech product will help you to enjoy automation in growing plants. You’ll access all smart features to keep your plants thriving at optimum. So, enjoy hassle-free growing your plants with LetPot!

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