Before talking about each product in detail, let’s get to know the brand first. Mainly based in California, the company has three warehouses in the United States, China, and Poland. It ships its products to hundreds of countries and regions.

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Currently, it has eight different grow lights with various designs and features. The prices are varied, ranging from $59 to $699, and all of them are LED.

Some products are available in different amounts of electric power and sizes. Most of them have dimmable features and various spectrums. For each stage of your plants (seedling, vegetative, and blooming), there is a certain ideal spectrum range that you can set. Besides light, the LED also produces heat.

The heat could stunt the growth of your plant. Some reviews said their plants don’t grow well under a certain grow light product, but when they change it into one of the BESTVA LED series, it flourishes well.

The brand’s popularity is undoubted, and it has 19k+ followers on Facebook and 849 followers on Instagram.

So based on the BESTVA LED review, know your plant well and find the proper BESTVA light.


Based on several online reviews, here are reasons why customers love BESTVA LED:

  • It does not cause much heat: with the same light spectrum and electric energy, “blurples” from other brands cause more heat which some are unbearable for plants. Not only bad for the plants, but the heat also damages the light itself. With the normal amount of heat, the brand lasts longer than other grow lights.
  • It’s easy to set up: the manual gives clear instructions, and there are even dozens of tutorial videos on YouTube for setting up any the brand products.
  • Its features are helpful: though this may vary for each product, some products have their special features such as Wi-Fi control, timer, swap-out bars, and others.
  • It has reasonable prices with the best quality: each part of the the brand series is built from high-quality materials like Samsung diodes.

What's on BESTVA LED

Among the eight existing products, there are two newest products: BESTVA CF 650W LED Grow Light and BESTVA Spirit-X 720W Daisy Chain Full Spectrum Dimmable Grow Light.

Currently, those two are the most expensive products of the brand because of their features. The BESTVA CF 650W is built with a detachable power supply that can electricity bill up to fifty percent. The BESTVA Spirit-X 720W also has similar features but with a more varied light range that is suitable for more plants.

There are several other products available. Thus, this BESTVA review will show and discuss the best-selling products that might suit you.

BESTVA LED BAT Series Dimmable LED Grow Light Review

As one of the customers’ favorites, this grows light is equipped with a precise dimming system with 6 variations of power. The prices are ranging from $199.9 to $599.9. Overall, this series is designed with a driver protection cover and a waterproof LED board. Hence this light is suitable for humid indoor planting.

BESTVA LED BAT Series Dimmable LED Grow Light Review
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Based on the BESTVA LED review on its official website, after a few weeks of set up, customers could see the result on their plants. Its main feature is the app that allows setting timers and dimming the light automatically.

BESTVA LED Dimmable Full Spectrum Pro Series Quantum LED Grow Light Review

With three power variations: 1000W, 2000W, and 4000W, this series receives the BESTVA LED review so far. Among 125 reviews, it receives 119 5 stars, and the rests are 4 stars. The reviews generally talk about its bright light that penetrates the plant whole fully.

BESTVA LED Dimmable Full Spectrum Pro Series Quantum LED Grow Light Review
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Customers could even see the result in a week. Some even say after the installation of this product, their plants grow like they are outdoors. To prove it yourself, you can measure the leaves’ length before and after the installation.

Lastly, it comes with easy installation and is highly recommended for beginners in indoor cultivating.

BESTVA LED Full Spectrum DC Series LED Grow Light Review

With its purple light, the DC series has a relatively smaller size than others. Even so, it could cover a wide area, especially in a tent. There are five electric power variations with different area coverage and light size.

BESTVA LED Full Spectrum DC Series LED Grow Light Review
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One of the reviews said that the light could solve the stunting problem on their plants. A tip for installing this product is to wear protective glasses since the bright purple light might damage your eyes for a longer time.

Of more than 143 purchases, the product has helped vegetables like basil, fruits like lemon and avocado, also cannabis flourish well.


Basically, the price varies depending on the product types and series. Here we try to give you insight into the the brand’s price range so that you can prepare your budget before buying the product.

The lowest price is about $59.99, which is for BESTVA Dimmable BP Series LED Grow Light, and the highest price is $699.90, which is for BESTVA CF 650W LED Grow Lights.

Sure, the price indicates the use and features of the product needed. But, we notice that the BESTVA product is fairly affordable on the market.

BESTVA LED Pros & Cons

Compiled from various BESTVA LED review sources, including its official website and another real honest review of personal usage.


  • 5-year warranty: there are two types of warranties (the 90-day full and standard 5-year). Customers could still claim compensation or return, though not fully after 90 days of the purchase date.
  • Reasonable prices and free shipping: compared to other brands, the brand provides reasonable prices and a longer warranty. There are more than 242 countries that have a free shipping fee.
  • Varied color spectrum and more penetration coverage: as mentioned before, the light have a complete spectrum of light for each phase of plant growth. The light reaches the plant more than other competing lights.


  • Long delivery: though its headquarter is in California, some are shipped from China
  • Materials defects: some reviews stated that the products they purchased shut down in a few months due to manufacturer failure. Yet don’t worry, the warranty policy will help you in this case.


It has reasonable prices, a 5-year warranty, high-quality materials, and saves more electricity bills. Many reviews also state that for the same price, BESTVA LED products have more quality than other competing brands. So, it is surely worth every buck.

BESTVA LED Customer Review

What Do Customers Think?

Knowing what customers think about the product you wanna buy is essential. Thus, this section will show you some of BESTVA LED customer reviews.

BESTVA LED Customer Review
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We took all of the customer reviews from its official site, which we are sure about the verified customers.

The first review is for BESTVA BAT Series Dimmable LED Grow Light, which says:

Great Light, well built, very bright. 5 days shipping too.

This comment clearly explains how great the LED grow light is, which is super bright and well-built.

Another review is for BESTVA Dimmable Full Spectrum Pro Series, one of the reviewers said:

It was incredible, great design, easy installation, and the plants look great!

This reviewer is delighted with the incredible and easy installation of this LED grow light.

And, for BESTVA Full Spectrum DC Series LED Grow Light, the reviewer commented:

Very happy with these lights. Nice yield. Super crystallized nugs. Happy plants. 🙂

Through what this reviewer said, we can see how great this light is. It makes the plant look gorgeous in the place.

Well, we notice that most of the customers are happy with their purchase. It helps them beautify their plants. Now, it’s time for you to get the benefit from BESTVA LED.

BESTVA LED Customer Service

How To Contact BESTVA LED

The brand’s customer service team is available to answer all of your questions regarding the brand or the product. Just reach them through one of these ways:

They will respond only on working hours which are on Monday to Friday from 9.00 AM to 3.00 PM, and on Saturday to Sunday from 10.00 AM to 12.00 PM.

The good news is that they are also active on social media, such as:

  • Facebook: Bestva LED
  • Instagram: @bestvagrowlight
  • Youtube: Bestva 


Basically, you can find BESTVA products in some marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay, but we recommend you buy the products from its official site directly.

Through the official site, you can get a special price for the product. Moreover, if you get a discount code, we are sure the price you get does definitely not break the bank.



The following are some frequently asked questions about BESTVA LED that might help answer your curiosity.

How much power does Bestva 3000W use?

It states that 3000W has 615 watts of actual power to use.

How much power does Bestva 2000W use?

While for 2000W, it has 390 watts of actual power to use.


Before you waste hundreds of dollars on other brand grow lights, you better buy BESTVA LED grow lights first. This is one of many suggestions taken from the online BESTVA LED review. Don’t be those who are disappointed on other brands after finding BESTVA products later. Buy now!

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