The Patriots’ home opener is Sunday, and given the weekend forecast, you’re probably wondering about rain.

Well, neither the game nor the day will be a washout—far from it. The more I study the charts, the less I think there will be much rain before or during the game. Of course, the other side of the coin is that we need the rain, but I’m not controlling this, only predicting.

It will be around 80 degrees much of the gameIt will be around 80 degrees throughout much of the game. —Dave Epstein

The biggest player in the weather Sunday is actually going to be the humidity.

Our dew points are going to climb well into the 60s to perhaps near 70 degrees. This means that if you’re tailgating before the game and standing over a grill, expect it to feel quite uncomfortable. Temperatures won’t be too hot—only approaching the lower 80s for kickoff—but with all that moisture in the air, you’ll feel every degree.

Lots of moisture in the air Sunday will make it feel humidLots of moisture in the air on Sunday will make it feel humid. —WeatherBell Analytics

I can’t rule out a shower during the game on Sunday—the chances of rain are not zero.


However, there is also a strong likelihood of no rain during the game, and if there is a shower, it will be brief. The map below shows how much rain is expected through Sunday evening. Notice that the Foxborough area has a low measurable precipitation forecast. Always check the latest forecast on my Twitter feed during the weekend, as this current outlook can change.

Any showers that do fall will be light and briefAny showers that do fall will be light and brief. —NOAA

A cold front west of New England will slowly approach the area on Saturday night and on Sunday. The slow speed of this weather system should delay most—if not all—of the rain until after the Patriots have completed their game against Miami. Shower activity will increase after sunset on Sunday evening and especially late at night and then during the first part of Monday.

The bottom line: During the Pats game, expect mostly cloudy skies, a slight risk of a shower, warmth, and mugginess, with temperatures around 80 degrees. And go Pats!

Steady rain should remain west of New England for at least most of the weekend.Steady rain should remain west of New England for at least most of the weekend. —NOAA