This is what many consider the final weekend of summer and the forecast hinges on exactly what tropical storm Hermine does.

Even though it’s Friday, there are still questions about how Hermine will move over the next 72 hours, and this will certainly affect how much sunshine, cloudiness, rain and wind we all experience.

Not matter what the storm does, the best weather will be the further north and west you are this weekend: these areas are furthest from the effects of Hermine.

The best weather will also definitely occur tomorrow. Saturday features the most sunshine and the warmest temperatures.

Sunday brings clouds and a chance of showers, and Monday offers the best chance of rain especially south of a line from Hartford, Conn. to Boston.


Today features a nice day of weather to end the work week with low humidity and plenty of sunshine. If your weekend plans start this evening, look for temperatures falling through the 60s with clear skies.

Hermine will move north along the mid-Atlantic coastline and then stallHermine will move north along the mid-Atlantic coastline and then stall, —Hurricane Center

If you are going hiking, biking or running…

Saturday is definitely dry with no chance of rain. There will lots of sunshine, and with low humidity it’s a nice day for a long trek or run.

Temperatures will be mostly in the 70s SaturdayTemperatures will be mostly in the 70s on Saturday. —NOAA

Sunday is also dry, at least in the morning. I do see a chance of showers in the afternoon on the south coast, but just a chance. Look for clouds to be on the increase and sunshine to fade.

Clouds will increase Sunday, but it will still be pleasantClouds will increase on Sunday, but it will still be pleasant. —NOAA

Monday presently has the highest risk of a steady rain. If you are in northern New England this weekend it will be dry all three days, with the exception of the south coast of New Hampshire and Maine, where a few showers could occur Monday.

If you’re going beaching and boating…

North Shore of Massachusetts, New Hampshire Seacoast, and the coast of Maine: Tides are high in the 1 o’clock hour this weekend. The tides are not particularly high, which is good because with an onshore fetch Sunday and Monday some beach erosion is likely. The way Hermine moves over the weekend will determine the extent of any wind issues, but seas will be rough and you should be very cautious about going into the ocean Sunday and especially Monday.



If you’re playing soccer, softball, baseball, or golf…

Saturday’s forecast: Sports enthusiasts will enjoy a picture perfect Saturday and mainly dry Sunday.  Monday’s outings may need to be canceled or postponed with a high likelihood of at least some wet playing surfaces. There’s even a chance areas south of Boston become wet late in the day Sunday.

If you’re gardening…

The drought has gotten worse over the past seven days, and areas of extreme drought are also bigger. The best thing you can do as a gardener is to try to give the larger trees and shrubs some water.  Allowing a hose to slowly drip water around a plant is best. Please read my article about caring for you plants during the drought here.

If you’re running errands…

Plan on doing errands on Sunday or Monday if it’s feasible for you. Sunday will see an increase in clouds, and Monday looks to be at least very gray with possible steady rain.

If you’re going to a concert, outdoor party, or wedding…

There won’t be any issues with other outdoor events this weekend until later on Sunday and Monday. The rain shield may or may not penetrate very far north of the south coast. Keep checking my forecast for updates on the progress of Hermine all weekend.

I will be updating the forecast on Twitter @growingwisdom throughout the weekend.