Snow will impact Monday morning commute

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Temperatures Saturday didn’t reach freezing across most of southern New England for the first time since last March. You’d have to go back to March 4th to find a day when the mercury failed to reach 32 degrees and if you are curious, all the way back to Valentines weekend to find a day when it remained under 30. (The high February 14th was only 12 in Boston).
You’ve likely heard about some snow for Monday and it is still coming. It’s far from a big storm, but some areas will be plowing for the first time.

Timing Of The Snow
Presently it appears snow will break out across the area Sunday evening. The snow will continue into early Monday morning before changing to rain along the coastline.

This will end up a more typical snowfall pattern with the heaviest amounts inland and mainly rain over Cape Cod. Most if not all areas begin as snow, but the rain snow line will push inland from the coast early Monday. This will put an end to the accumulating snow as the change to liquid precipitation occurs.

The snow will change to rain between 6 a.m and 11 a.m from the southeast to the northwest. The exact time of the change will determine how much snow each area sees.

Impact To Travel
This is a moderate to high impact event because of the timing of the snow. Last Monday travel was impacted greatly and I expect a similar if not possibly worse situation with this storm. It doesn’t take a lot of snow to cause big delays if the timing is during a commute.
Air travel will be impacted less as the snow isn’t going to be terribly heavy at Logan Airport, but there will still be some delays and possible cancellations Monday.

Snow Totals
The map below gives you an idea of how much snow to expect. Notice there is a gradient of totals with ranges. You should plan for the possibility of receiving snow at either end of the range. Also, I will update the map Sunday to refine it. If the cold air appears it will hang on longer then these numbers would increase and of course if the rain looks like it will move in faster the numbers decrease.
Behind this system things look tranquil and seasonably cold for the middle of the week. There will be some melting during the day, but you should still try to get up as much of the snow and slush as possible. The low angle of the sun prevents a lot of melting this time of year.

A light to moderate snowfall will occur Sunday night and Monday across southern New England

A light to moderate snowfall will occur Sunday night and Monday across southern New England

Arctic Air
A mass of very cold air for mid-December arrives later next week. Temperatures will likely fall into the single numbers in parts of the area with below zero readings up north.