A mild day today will make you think a bit of spring. Temperatures this afternoon will reach close to 50 degrees, if there was snow on the ground it would be melting.

A cold front comes through the region late today and ushers in a period of cold, not anything extreme, but cold nevertheless. For many areas, once temperatures fall below freezing tonight they will likely not go above that mark until Tuesday of next week. Even if some coastal towns do reach the melting point, it will only be for a few hours.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a rain shower or even brief snow squall this evening as the arctic air rushes in.

Tomorrow during the day is an easy forecast. I expect plenty of sunshine and cold air. The forecast turns tricky tomorrow night and Friday.

I am watching the computer models and their output for Friday. There is little doubt a storm, though be it a weak one, will pass south of New England. The question is how much of the moisture from the storm will reach into coastal Massachusetts and perhaps some inland areas. The loop below show our issue for the end of the work week. Notice the low pressure area (L) off the coast and the blue area (snow) moving up an into southern New England. This is one models interpretation of the situation and ultimately it will change somewhat. However, this gives me enough concern, (not for a big storm) to let you know we could see a coating to a few inches of snow depending on how this plays out.

The loop begins today and end Friday around 1 p.m. It moves slowly enough so you can see the progression of the snow.


This afternoon I will be getting more data and take another look at this. I will put together some snow maps as well, letting you know who will see the most snow. Right now folks over southeastern areas of New England will likely see the most snow and it could potentially be enough to bring out the plows.