Fungus, Blights and Other Problems


When it dries out, get outside and weed.  The weeds are going to explode.  The ground will be nice and soft, so they will pull out easily.

It is 9pm and I am just coming in from outside.  I have had lots of issues in the garden this week.  I have some sort of blight or fungus that has affected a few perennials.  My autumn clematis is looking particulary sad right now.  However, plant health good and bad is part of gardening.

I found an ingredient last year in a product called Seranade it is Bacillus subtilis . There are several brands of products that contain this important ingredient.  This bacterium prevents fungal disease, and it also controls existing plant diseases. I have seen it work on some of the toughest to control problems--botrytis, commonly found on grapes; early blight, which attacks on tomatoes; powdery mildew, a regular nuisance for cucumbers; and even fireblight, which strikes both pears and Pyracantha.  

For the first time in years, this Bacillus helped my tomatoes to keep their leaves all year last summer!

I accidentally tried to pull out what I thought was a 'garbage' tree in my woods.  It turned out to be a lindera obtusiloba which is actually a pretty rare tree.  So...now I am babying the tree and hoping it survives.

The weather has been dry the first two weeks of the month and if you transplanted things last fall for this spring I would water them.

Look for some wonderful new features in the next week or so including podcasting and a new player with the ability to give you the best quality video automatically.

Have a great week and remember to tell your friends about the site.


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