Managing Weeds In The Lawn

Weeds in the lawn are very annoying and get in the way of that perfect lawn we all want.  Ok, let me stop right there.  The perfect lawn is something that a marketing company came up with decades ago to convince us that every blade of grass had to be the same color, height and texture and even one patch of clover in the yard was a bad thing.

The reality is that the perfect lawn is just a healthy lawn and that means some weeds are going to be present.  Here is the rub, there are weeds that are worse than others.  Clover for example is not so bad.  Clover is green, rabbits love it and it is still soft when you walk upon it.   Ground Ivy is green, soft, but can be so invasive as to take over the yard.  I recommend treating that weed if you notice it in your yard.

There is a whole spectrum of ways to deal with weeds in the lawn.  Some weeds are annuals meaning they come up, they seed for next year and the weed dies in the winter. The following spring the seeds germinate and there is your weed again.  Those weeds tend to be easier to treat organically.  You can use corn gluten to prevent the weeds from germination. 

Perennial weeds like dandelion are harder because pre emergent will not work on an established plant.  You can treat them with some organic products but many of these will not discriminate between the grass and the weed.  There are synthetic products out there that treat only weeds, but these are much more harmful to the environment. 

So when managing weeds in your lawn, one the best ways to have the perfect lawn might be to redefine perfection.  For me, perfection is  green, no bare spots and a lawn of mostly grass and a few weeds.


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