Using Red-Veined Sorrel In The Garden


Are you looking for a splash of color all season long in the garden?  If you are a regular reader of http://www.GrowingWisdom.com you know that I am a big fan of leaf color.  Several years ago I discovered red-veined sorrel or bloody dock.  The Latin name is Rumex sanguineus var. sanguineus and it makes a stunning addition in the front border of the garden.  I use mine near some heuchera and some sedum.  It will flower in June but if you cut off the flower stalks it will stay bushy and grow new leaves.  As an added bonus the young leaves are edible and make a great addition to salad or to a stir fry.  I use them all season long.  The older leaves can be used in soups and stews.

Rumex likes to be evenly moist but if it does dry out, just give it a lot of water and most likely the leaves will bounce right back.  Try growing this variety of rumex (sorrel) and you will catch the eye of anyone visiting the garden.



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