Using One Perennial To Hide Another

A good garden is one that has interest twelve months of the year. A good garden is also one that uses interesting pieces to conceal less interesting ones.

What do I mean by this? Well, consider daffodils. Each spring, when they're done blooming, you're left with strings of ugly leaves. If you plant, say, a hosta in front of the bulbs, as the hosta matures, it hides the leaves.

The same is true with this week's featured plant, the ligularia, specifically Britte-Marie Crawford. I love to use this plant to hide Bleeding Heart, Dicentra, as it goes dormant in late summer. As the Dicentra turns an ugly yellow, long after the flowers have faded, Ligularia is coming into its full glory with its wonderful orange flowers and big, bold, brilliant leaves. Try this combination in your own garden. You'll love the results.


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