How To Prune Rose Of Sharon

Rose of Sharon, (Hibiscus syriacus.) is a great summer flower shrub hardy from zones 5 and higher. Although naturally a multi-stemmed shrub, rose of sharon can be trained through pruning (in late winter) to have simply one main trunk; thus some people refer to it as rose of sharon "tree." It's easiest to give rose of sharon its desired shape by pruning it accordingly during its first two seasons. It can also be trained for espalier.

When pruning, use sharp pruners and cut up to 1/2 the plant in early spring.  You might be shocked at the amount of material you have removed, but the plant will respond in kind and give you some of the biggest blooms you have ever seen.  Look for a tiny node when pruning and cut just above the node.  This will be the area from which the new growth will come.


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