How To Properly Cut Back Heuchera

Although this video is about Heuchera you can apply this knowledge to many other kinds of perennials as well. Perennials are those plants which return year after year.  In many cases perennials get better with age.  Some perennials like hosta die back to the ground after a killing freeze.  The dead leaves are best removed before the deep cold and snow of winter.  There are some perennials that are semi evergreen or even fully evergreen.  Heuchera falls into this category.  The leaves will hold their color and shape most of the winter.  When the snow melts you can often see the plants have been crushed by the weight of the snow but do not look too badly.

In April and May the new growth of these plants will begin to shoot through the center of the plant.  It is at this point that I trim away last years leaves to make room for the new growth. This neatens up the plant, allows better airflow and gives me a chance to add any soil amendments or fertilizers the plants might need.



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