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Raising Tomatoes Organically

You see the words all the time.  Orgaincally grown, organic produce, certified organic and the like.  It seems like everyone today is interested in eating as much organic food as we can.

What’s organic farming all about? It enhances the natural environment by protecting la

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nd and wildlife, improving soil structure and fertility, and reducing pollution as it works with natural systems to enhance productivity. Artificial pesticides and fertilizers are prohibited, so organic farming helps reduce pollution from these chemicals.  When you consume something organic, you are suppose to be getting food free of the chemicals. 

In my own garden I try to use as few chemical products as possible.  However, I am still learning exactly how to do it right.

I took a trip over to Belkin Lookout Farm recently to ask about organic produce.   The farm manager and I talked about just how they grow their own vegetables and what makes them organic.  SImply put they are organic at this farm because they use nothing at all even certified organic pesticides. 

Each and every organic vegetable at Belkin Family Lookout Farm is certified by Baystate Organics Certifiers — a USDA National Organic Program accredited certifying agent that certifies operations in the Northeast United States. The herbs are also organic.

Taking steps to become organic is not hard.  Begin by replacing the chemicals you might use to control something as simple as aphids with something orgainc like neem oil.  In a year or two you too will be an orgainc gardener.

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