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Why Evergreen Needles Turn Brown
Sometimes evergreen needles can turn brown.  This can be a sign of a major problem or normal seasonal behavior of the tree.  In this video, Dave Epstein teaches you the difference. 

If the needles of your evergreen plant or conifer are turning brown and falling off fro
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m the inside out this tends to be less serious than if the leaves or needles are turning brown from the outside in.  Here is the reason.  Evergreens hold their needles, leaves, etc all year.  However, even evergreens do not hold their greens forever.  At some point the older growth from earlier years will fall off.  Some plants shed all their needles or leaves once a year after the new growth has come in.   Other varieties may hold leaves for several years before loosing them.

Since plants grow from the inside out if you plants leaves or needles are falling from the inside out this is usually ok.  However, if the needles or leaves are dying from the outside in, that means the newer growth is dying and this is a sign of trouble.  There are at that point all sorts of possible problems and it  would be impossible to diagnose.  However, check for insects, too much or too little water and be sure your evergreen is getting enough light or not too much sun.  You should always be sure the light requirements of your plant matches the location you intend to grow it. 
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