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Transplanting Potbound Plants

Sometimes your plants outgrow their containers.  So it becomes necessary to move them to a larger one.  The key is to not increase the new container by more than 2" in diameter.  If you increase a container too quickly, the roots of the plant won't be able to use the water in

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the soil and you run the risk of root rot.  Also, some plants actually like to be potbound.  Some bulbs, like amaryllis like to have their roots tightly bound in the container.  Try to move your plants just after they flower or in late winter or early spring.  I like to move my plants just before they start their new growth cycle each year.  Also be sure to use the correct soil for the plant you are moving.  This means cactus soil for plants like like drier soil and something with more peat for those like like their soil a bit moister.

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