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The Living Christmas Tree Survival Guide

The Christmas tree tradition goes back hundreds of years and is one which remains as popular as ever today.   With all the talk of the value of trees do you ever think that it would nice to be able to use the tree again instead of throwin

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g by the curb at the end of the year? 

A living Christmas tree, one which you plant at the end of the holidays is doable with a bit of planning and a few easy steps.

First, in the late fall select the area outside for where the tree will go.  Did the hole the same as you would for any tree.  Store the soil in an area like the garage or shed that comes out of the whole. You will need this to replant and if it is frozen you will not be able to do that. 

Now go to a local nursery when you want to set up your tree.  You will need a heavy tarp to place under the tree and bring it into the house.  If the weather has been very cold, bring it into the garage for a day or two to slowly warm up the tree.  Once inside you will need to water it about one quart of water each day.  Place the water slowly over the root ball.   The tarp will keep the area from getting wet.

Decorate the tree as you normally would.  When you are done enjoying the tree move it back outside. First reacclimatize it to the cold by putting in the garage or a shed for a could of days.  Then you can plant the tree in that hole you dug before the ground froze.

If you have to wait to plant the tree you can cover the root ball with mulch and leave it outside planting it in the spring.  Be sure to cover it with at least 12" of mulch so the freeze/thaw cycles of winter do not affect the tree.

Over time you could plant an entire grove of trees that are living memories to Christmas past and do something wonderful for the environment.


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