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Repairing Broken Branches On Trees
If snow, wind or even the dog have broken part of your favorite tree or shrub, you can repair it with some items from the hardware store.   Often a tree or shrub has a branch that splits from some force.  If the branch is completely removed from the main tree there is not anything you
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can do to repair it.  However, if the branch still has some of the cambium and sapwood, located just inside from the bark, attached to both the branch and main part of the tree or shrub there is a good chance you can heal the plant.

The goal is to be sure that you close the split bringing together the branch or branches and ensuring good contact.  In this video I drill through both branches and then use a washer, bolt and nut system to close the gap.  I then use gorilla glue to seal the gap tight.  I use clip to hold the gap together until the glue dries.

This will not work every time but its worth the time to chance it.  Also, if you notice on evergreens that the branches needles/leaves have turned brown or dried, it means that no water got to the leaves so the break is too great.

Give it a shot, its inexpensive and might just save the shape of your plant.

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