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Selecting the right rose for the right location
If you want to send roses to a loved one, or simply get some for yourself, when you go to a garden center or nursery to buy a rose the selection of plants can be overwhelming. In this video Growing Wisdom explo
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res various types of roses and which rose plant works best in different locations.

Some roses tend to grow more upright and become a tall shrub.  Knockout brand roses are one plant that fall into this category.  Other roses grow lower and expand more in width rather than height. Flower Carpet brand roses fall into this group.  Some roses are better suited for garden trellises and the climbing roses fall into this category.

The challenge when buying a rose is to know which rose is right for the location it will be planted.  Also, roses in containers that are a few years old often look identical.  It's hard to see the mature characteristics of a plant in a 5 gallon container.  Be sure to ask someone at the center or bring a book with you so you can find the right rose for your spot.
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