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Organic Lawn Care For Spring

The Fire Belly line of liquid foliar concentrates is a first of it’s kind.  Their proprietary program will simplify the entire process of making the switch to using organic methods when it comes to the care of your lawn. Fire Belly Organic Lawn Care products and programs address soil b

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iology thereby providing the end user with a competitive advantage over “traditional organic products”!  The do it yourself six step liquid program is shipped directly to your home over three shipments delivered in spring, summer and fall.

They believe that successful “organic plant management” begins and ends with soil biology! In order for plants to thrive in the face of environmental extremes the soil profile supporting that plant must contain a diverse population of beneficial soil microorganisms. These microscopic wonders are “nature’s life support system”. They improve nutrient availability, enhance nutrient absorption, reduce the incidence of nutrient leaching, stimulate healthy plant growth, improve the soil structure and provide plants with increased resistance to environmental extremes such as drought, heat, cold and foot traffic. Attempting to implement an organic program without addressing soil biology is a recipe for disaster……….you must feed the soil!!

Fire Belly is dedicated to providing effective environmentally responsible products that address soil biology. their  horticultural products feed the soil through the introduction of select beneficial microbial species allowing them to facilitate the natural processes inherent to healthy plant growth. We blend a diverse array of beneficial soil microorganisms with natural plant extracts and organic nutrients to create microbial systems. These natural systems simultaneously feed the soil and the plant, which allows plants to grow to their full genetic potential. When our specifically formulated products are used in conjunction with one another over the course of a full year you will see incredible results in your lawn AND it is all done without the use of synthetic fertilizers or dangerous pesticides. All of the products are extremely easy to apply and begin to go to work right away.

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