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One of the oldest and most well known of all the plants is the fern. These delicate looking plants can be as small as a tiny thimble or as large as a tree. Found all over the world they make great house plants.

Like any plant in the home, the biggest challenge is creating an enviro

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nment that is as close to the real thing as possible. Most ferns do not like a lot of hot sun and like to be somewhat moist. However, there are varieties that you need to actually let dry out before you water them.

Here is a link http://scitec.uwichill.edu.bb/bcs/bl14apl/pter2.htm

that will help you will some background material on ferns.

I like my ferns in the bedroom and bathroom areas. They add a touch of a tropical look and feel and are especially welcome in the drab dreary winter. The fern will appreciate the humidity from your morning shower. You can even take it in there with you when it needs a good drink!  Be sure to not over water your ferns.  Some varities need constant moisture while others like to dry out before being watered.  Know your fern.

Here is a link http://www.ext.vt.edu/departments/envirohort/factsheets2/indoor/nov89pr2.html

that has some recommended varieties and care.

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