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Pruning Flower Carpet Roses

Flower Carpet Roses are one of the best roses to grow in the garden.  In early spring its time to prune them and that will help keep them blooming all season long.

Flower Carpet roses are so easy.  

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; Just get a pair of hedge shears and go "clip, clip, clip" cut the bush back to half to one third its size in late winter just before the beginning of new spring growth.   That is,  no fancy pruning at all...

I usually cut them back to about 1/3.  However, sometimes the branches look dead almost all the way to the ground.   So, I’ve done tests where I’ve left some of what I thought was ‘dead’ on, and it ended up not being dead at all.   Other times I’ve left it on, and it was indeed dead.   So, I’d suggest staying with the cutting back to about 1/3 and then once everything’s leafed out, if there are any dead branches remaining, just cut those back then.    

The cut back encourages the plant to bush out, so there’s no harm in doing a heavy cut back.  The important thing to note is that because of Flower Carpet’s full, branching habit,  there’s no need at all for fussy pruning.

CLEANING the beds
Pull/rake away and dead leaves, Flower Carpet does not get powdery mildew but it’s still a good habit to clean around plants. It also just looks nicer.

Generally you should fertilize in the spring as the first buds start developing.   You can use rose food or any good extended-release fertilizer. This should be done again in early summer.  It is best not to give any plant food from late summer  onwards, especially in the cooler areas.


I recommend putting some mulch around the base of the plants to keep out weeds and conserve moisture.  Any mulch you choose will work well.

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