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Hiding That Ugly Fence: Interesting Vines for the Yard

I was walking by a chain link fence the other day and noticed how unattractive it was. I then thought, wouldn't it be great to be able to hide the links with some vines? 

Here is a partial list of my favorite vines. If the vine is an annual, you'll need to replant it every

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· Morning Glory. Annual. Comes in a variety of colors. Fast growing, once established.

· Hop Vine. A very tough plant that has a nice aroma.

· Akebia. Takes a lot of shade. Leaves come out very early. I enjoy the flowers. Can be aggressive.

· Aristolochia sylvicola. Also called Dutchman's Pipe.

· Hedera Helix or Baltic Ivy. One of the most reliable vines in the northeast zones.

· Boston Ivy or Parthenocissus tricuspidata. This is a deciduous vine with tendrils.

· Clematis. Better for smaller areas; might be impractical to cover a large area.

· Climbing hydrangea. You can use this to hide a fence in the shade. You would need to space the plants about every 24 feet to get really good coverage.

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