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Overwintering Rosemary
A lot of people have trouble overwintering rosemary.  Rosemary is an herb that grows naturally in mediterranean climates. As such, it is not exposed to temperatures below freezing very long.  If you are going to overwinter rosemary in zones 7 and colder it usually requires some protection.
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  I put some of my rosemary in cold frames through December and then in a cold room in the house for January and February.  You can also try covering it with hay for the winter.  My experience has led me to believe warm dry heat inside a house is not good for the plant.  If you are going to bring it inside, try to keep it in a room that stays cool and give it limited water.   There are several different varieties of rosemary and it seems to me that the creeping rosemary overwinters inside better than the upright form.
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