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Learning About Stewartia

There aren’t many large trees that flower in July. The Stewartia tree, a favorite with many gardeners, is a rare exception.

Size and Shape

The shape of the tree is terrific and resembles a vase. Over time, some trees can achieve a height of 45 feet, so be sure to give it

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room to grow.

Growing Conditions

This type of tree does not like full sun. Ideally, you should plant Stewartia facing east, so it will have some afternoon shade. Stewartia like rich, organic soil and do not like to dry out. If you have one in full sun, be sure it has enough water.


Stewartia blooms in late June through most of July, when few other trees are in bloom. The attractive white flowers usually have yellow stamens and resemble camellia blossoms. The tree is actually related to the camellia.

Fall Color

Turning a brilliant red each fall, this tree has multiple seasons of interest.

Winter Interest

This is one of my favorite aspects of the tree. As the tree ages, the bark will turn colors and peel. It is fantastic in the winter.

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