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Have You Seen Your Last Hummingbird Yet?

Once again you have sent me some great questions this week.

Here are this week's questions and answers.
Hi Mr. Epstein,
I have a question you can hopefully answer for me. I have a garden in my back yard, and some of my tomato plants have many tomatoes still growing. They are all green and don't want to turn color. They have been green for about 3-4 weeks now, and I have cut some of the leaves of the plants so that they can get more sun, but they haven't changed colors. 
I water them every other day and feed them miracle grow once a week. Now that the cold weather is coming, I don't know what to do. Can I pick them and bring them inside? What do I have to do in order for them to change color? Should I leave them outside until I hear of the first frost coming? Then what?
Any help would be appreciated.
Best thing to do is keep them in a cool, lit spot (but not on the windowsill in the sunshine). They should ripen under those conditions.
You can also bread and fry them green; they're very yummy! Leave them outside until a frost.
2. Have cut back & trimmed our small hydrangea bush several wks ago. My question is, do I have to keep watering it? If yes, daily or every few days? All blooms & flowers are gone and there's just huge, green leaves.
You should water newly planted plants daily for a few days, then once a week unless you get enough rain. Then water so that the plant gets about one inch of water each week.  
Good Luck!
Good morning Dave,
My name is Ray Bosse and my wife and I live in the southern part of Westport, MA. We enjoy many hummingbirds visiting the feeders we have all season, and this year was a banner year. My wife Denise mentioned you talked about hummingbirds and how they were hanging around late this year. I was keeping track of the last sighting this year, last confirmed sighting was October first. Can't remember ever seeing them around this late. I keep one feeder out til very late in case any stragglers wander by. We normally have many pairs around all summer, but this year there were dozens buzzing around the yard. I've attached a picture of a feeding frenzy, I think it was many Juvenal's. This was also a great year for Orioles.
Always enjoy your forecast and commentaries. Keep up the good work.
Thanks and have a good day,
I've seen the same thing! I had a few at my feeders into October. Never before have I seen them so late. Thanks for being a fan! Dave
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