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Landscaping Under Trees

Trying to get anything to grow under the dense canopy of a maple, oak or pine tree can be very challenging.  Creating a mulch ring can solve this problem and benefit the tree.

Since the soil is often compact and the tree uses so much of the available moisture its a good idea t

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o just create a mulch ring around the tree.  If you do decide to go this route, keep the ring large and have it go around the tree such that it is under the entire canopy of the tree and then a little wider. 
Use a good organic mulch and before you put the mulch down you can use landscape fabric to help prevent weeds from coming up through the mulch.

If the soil is very compact you might want to aerate the soil carefully so as not to harm too many roots of the tree.  However, don't be too gentle, the trees roots can take some cutting and will regrow.

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