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Keeping Christmas Trees Healthy Indoors

Christmas is such a great time of the year for so many people.    Finding the right Christmas tree is a part of the holiday passed down from family to family, generation to generation.  Some of

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you love fir, other spruce.  There are those who tag a tree and cut it down themselves and others who purchase a living tree and plant them just after the holidays.


Whatever tree you use to decorate there are a few simple things you should do in order to have the tree last as long as possible.


  • Pull on the needles before you buy the tree; be sure few to none come off in your hand.  Remember, most of these trees were cut weeks earlier and some might be losing needles.
  • Be sure to have the nursery or store cut the bottom of the tree for you.  If you are not going to put the tree up for a few days, you can do this when you are ready to put the tree in the stand.  This is the most critical step in ensuring a long lasting tree.
  • Score a few slices of the tree along the sides at the bottom to help with water intake.
  • Secure your tree in the stand carefully, be sure you tighten all screws.  Some stands have a center prong to help secure the tree even further.  If you have one of these stands try drilling a small hole in the center of the bottom of the tree to help get the prong in easier.
  • Fill the water reservoir and check it a few hours later.  If after ½ day no water is gone, recut the tree.  Your tree must be drinking water or it will dry.
  • Keep the tree away from heat sources.  They will dry it out rapidly
  • When you take your tree down you can use the branches to mulch parts of your garden.  Cut them off the main truck and place them over your perennial beds.  They make a great protective cover for the freezing and thawing that goes on January through March.

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