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Japanese Painted Fern

Japanese Painted Fern is a hardy fern that can be grown in most areas of the US.  It doesn't like to dry out so be sure to give it plenty of water. In hot areas ,it needs to be grown in some shade but in cooler areas

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it tend to be more sun tolerant. Because it can be grown from Texas to Maine, you will have to determine what growing conditions you have and what works best for your area.  I recommend a few hours of sunshine in the early morning and they dappled shade the rest of the day.

Be aware this plant can form a dense mat which can make it problematic for some areas in terms of it being a bit invasive.  However, its not going to take over like some perennials.  My favorite aspect of the plant are the colors. It has shades of red, pink, and even white.  Its certainly not your average fern.

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