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How To Prune Daylilies

Daylilies are wonderful.  There are so many varieties that are available in so many colors and wide range of height.  Although they require not much care there are a few things you can do keep them healthy all year long.

First, Daylilies like 1/2 day sunshine or more.  They

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will sometimes flower in the shade, but the blooms are not nearly as prolific. 

Daylilies like regular moisture but will tolerate drought if established.

Depending on how often you are willing to care for the plants there are few things you can do to keep them healthy and neat. When daylilies are done blooming I recommend removing the spent blooms to encourage new ones, if you have repeat bloomers.  When all the flowers on a scape (flower stalk) are finished, cut off the scape close to ground level. Remove dead foliage from daylilies as they die back in the fall. Removing the spent blooms also helps to let the energy of the plant go into making the plant stronger not making seeds.

Finally, if you want to divide the plants dig them up with a spade and divide them using a garden fork.  Be sure you have roots and leaves attached before replanting.  Fall and early spring is the best time divide them.


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