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How & Why To Use Long Handled Garden Tools
Long handled tools come in a variety of shapes for different jobs.  The great aspect of long handled tools is that they are ergonomically better for your back and make gardening chores easier.  In this video Dave Epstein, host of Growing Wisdom a weekly garden
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show on the web, explores some long handled garden tools and their uses.

One of the tools demonstrated in the video was designed by renowned gardener Eliot Coleman.  According to Johnny's Selected Seeds in Maine this is his  "finest work" and  is "a complete departure from traditional designs. The user stands straight, using a thumbs-up grip, while a sharp, thin blade rides flat and collinear with the soil surface, slicing off weeds without throwing soil onto nearby seedlings. The ergonomic design makes weeding surprisingly enjoyable and is especially effective in and around low-lying crops such as head lettuce."
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