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How To Transplant A Cactus
Transplanting a cactus is similar to transplanting any other house plant.  You need to be sure to use the correct soil, the right size pot and gloves.

Cactus have short roots.  Be sure to use a container that will drain well.  You can move a cactus to a new pot using a
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spoon or trowel depending on the size of the plant to loosen the soil.  I like to use cactus soil with a bit of sand to ensure proper drainage.  Increase the size of the pot by no more than 2 pot sizes.  If the pot is too big, the soil tends to stay wet and the cactus can rot.

I tip the pot on its side and gently pull the cactus out of one pot.  Try to keep the soil around the roots.  You can also tip the pot over and have someone else help you and ensure the cactus doesn't fall on its head and split.

You might have to use sticks, pencils, etc to keep the plant propped up.  Mist the soil, but don't get it too wet as it can become too easy for the plant to topple over.
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