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How To Grow Hamamelis

On of my favorite early flowering shrubs or small tree is a hamamelis.  These spectacular specimens flower in late winter and give winter weary folks their first taste of spring when winter is far from over.  Many years I have had my hamamelis flowering in late January!

These pl

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ants are easy to grow prefering sunshine and moist soil.  They look nicest against some evergreens as it will set off the blooms nicely in the late winter.

If you are thinking that these plants bloom in the fall in the woods you would not be incorrect.  The native form of this plant to part of the country like New England blooms in the fall.  The spring varieties however bloom from January onward.

Some of my favorites are Arnold Promise, Diane, Brandis, Carmine Red, Pallida and Sandra.  You will want to check the hardiness of these varieties to be sure that they are ok for your zone.  There are a few that have been reported to be hardy to zone 3.

The plants grow to 8' tall and 8' wide so be sure to place it in a spot it can grow into.  I have put one of mine about 5' from the road in the front of the house so people can enjoy it as they drive by.

Another great aspect of the plant is that it has few problems and the deer do not tend to bother it.  I recommend you find a spot for one of these as they will bring you late winter pleasure for years to come.


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