Growing Wisdom

Hanging Plants
Hanging plants are a great way to spruce up a bright corner of the room.  There are a few things to consider before you try to recreate your own corner of Babylon. 

First, a hanging plant that is mature and full of moist soil can be heavy.  Be sure to secure the bracket or hook properly and oversize the hardware.  I have watered plants that have become so heavy they have pulled pieces of the wall down.

Be sure you have adequate light for the plant.  Even low light plants need some light.  A basement with no windows is not the place for a hanging plant.

When you water, have something to catch the water if you need to.

Some Good Hanging Plants
  • Golden Pothos Vine
  • Spider Plants
  • Boston Ferns
  • Goldfish plant
  • English Ivy
  • Grape Ivy
  • Hoya
  • Chinese Evergreen