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Growing Zucchini-Zephyr Variety
There are all sorts of summer squash varieties to grow. One of my favorites is Zephyr.  This precocious, yellow, green-tip straightneck fruit is just fantastic in the garden.  I find it lasts longer in the refrigerator as well. A distinctive, slender fruit, yellow with faint white stripe
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s and light green blossom ends. Harvest young at 4-6" for unusually delicious nutty taste and firm texture.  This variety has a unique appearance for easy recognition.

Zucchini likes sunshine, even watering, well-drained soil and compost.  You might notice the leaves getting a white mildew on them.  This is common and can be somewhat lessened by watering early in the morning, not at night.   Also, zucchini is susceptible to squash borer, aphids and whitefly.  Rotate your garden crops if you can and this can help prevent some problems.
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