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Gardening Using Hoop Houses

Each spring and fall after I have planted I watch the weather closely to see if an unexpected frost is going to occur.  If it is, I run outside covering everything with sheets, tarps, whatever I can find.   One great way to extend the season is to build a hoop house. &nbs

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p; Hoop houses give you more flexibility to grow.  It will be as if you have moved south two zones.   Those late season frosts in the spring and early frosts in the fall will not affect your plants and you will be able to choose other varieties that might otherwise not be able to be grown.

Unlike greenhouses, hoop houses are easier to build and do not have their own source of heat.  Therefore a hoop house is more economical.  There are many places to buy a hoop house or you could find someone handy to help you.

However you build your hoop house you want to be sure you test the soil first, have adequate moisture, create a system to support your plants, use a weed barrier and have ventilation for those very hot days in the middle of the summer.

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