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Flower Carpet Roses For Color

This video shows how Flower Carpet Roses are an integral part of any planting around your yard.  They will add an element of color all season long not many plants can make that kind of claim. I like to use this plant as

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a part of any planting in the yard.  As long as you have 4-5 hours of sunshine each day these roses will perform well.  There is a whole host of colors these plant come in and whether Amber, Red, White, Apple Bloosom or another choice, a few of them as part of any planting is a great way to complete any garden design.

Many times referred to as the "Wonder Rose", the Flower Carpet® ground cover roses, or ( Carpet Roses) are some of the most popular roses available in the world today. This is because of their long flowering period, easy care and exceptional disease resistance and great drought tolerance.  

A well grown two to three year old plants can provide up to and over 1,000 blooms per bush.

Over 35 years of breeding by Noack Rosen has gone into the development of these disease tolerant, easy care, free flowering beauties. Great planted en masse in the landscape or in a group in the garden. As a Tree Rose, they are one of the most stunning plants available in the garden.

Will readily thrive in USDA Zones 5 to 10. In cold zones, protect with mulch over the crown during the first winter. In zones 5 and below, continued winter protection is advised. (Plants have grown successfully down to zones 3b)

NEXT GENERATION - Advanced Flower Carpet® series

The latest development in the Flower Carpet® ground cover roses is the NEXT GENERATION series. Twenty years of extra breeding have provided improved heat & humidity tolerance and disease resistance in an already brilliant class of ground cover roses. These include:- 

Flower Carpet® AMBER - NEW in 2009!

Flower Carpet® PINK SUPREME - New in 2008

Flower Carpet® SCARLET - New in 2007

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