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Growing Boxwood
Boxwood is a genus of about 70 species of flowering shrubs that are commonly grown as small, compact bushes or hedges. The name boxwood originates from the plant's easy to maintain box-like appearance. In the wild
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the plant will become loose from lack of pruning.  The plant does flower but the flowers are small and insignificant. For the most part the plants are grown as privacy hedges or borders. The four primary types of boxwood plants are English, American, Korean and Japanese boxwood.

Green Mountain boxwood (Buxus microphylla var. koreana x B. sempervirens 'Green Mountain'),  is an upright, pyramidal form, with foliage very much like 'Green Velvet'.  It can grow from 3' to 5' high and is easily maintained in the pyramid shape or can be used in a hedge.This plant from Canada it is known for it's superior hardiness, zones 4 through 8.  It is less likely to yellow in the winter than other boxwoods and will tolerate wind and air pollution.  I like using Buxus Graham Blandy as they grow tall and skinny and make a nice landscape accent piece or they can be used in narrow spaces to hide something ugly like an electrical box. If you are a fan of variegated foliage, you may like American boxwood 'Variegata' (B. sempervirens).  It is hardy from zone 6a to 8b and can get as tall as 6', although average would be more like 4' to 5'.  A more compact variegated cultivar is 'Elegantissima', at 2' to 3' in height.  I have one of these in my garden and hope to add several more in the next few years.
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