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Getting Orchids To Rebloom

Orchids are a great flowering plant that can rebloom for years.  The trick to getting these plants to rebloom is that you have to provide it with the right temperature, moisture conditions, light and food.  Orchids fall into several different types.  Its important to know whi
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ch type you have in order to give it the optimal conditions.   One of the most common and easiest orchids to grow is the Phalaenopsis. The most common reason for any orchid not to bloom is insufficient light.

Keep your phalaenopsis plants to a window where they will receive strong, but indirect light (near a south-facing window is ideal). You might also try lighting your plants with a fluorescent light fixture placed about 1-2 feet above the foliage. Give up to 12 hours of supplemental light per day. A cool period of nighttime temperatures for the phalaenopsis will also develop flower spikes.  Mine flowers each spring because the winter temperatures at night where I keep it are close to 55F. By March I  raise the night temperature back to the normal 60-65F minimum.

Water your orchid only to keep the medium from drying out.  I can lift the pot and tell if it needs water by the weight.  When it feels light I know it needs water.  You are better to under rather than over water orchids.  Too much moisture promotes rot and disease.

I use a food that has a high phosphate number (the middle number), at 1/4 strength all year. I find this keeps my orchids looking great and they do rebloom.  Its not hard to get your orchid to reflower with the proper care.
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