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Transplanting Made Easy

Whether you have a just a few tomatoes or hundred of plants to put in the garden, the Hatfield Transplanter makes planting faster, easier, and saves your back.  The transplanter opens a 2" X 2" square hole from the standing position.  It works with plugs from

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72-cell flats and smaller transplants with larger canopies. There is also a depth stop. Lower edges can be sharpened to cut through plastic. The height of handles is adjustable which is great no matter what your height. To operate: Hold handles apart, plunge to the depth stop, push handles together, drop the transplant, lift the tool straight up, firm soil around the transplant with a foot. One person operates the tool, another handles the transplants. Follow up with some water and you are done. This tool is also useful for tubers, bulbs, etc.  This is one of the most useful tools you will add to your collection of garden implements. 

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