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Gardening, Meditation and Relaxation
I like to use this section of the site as a more personal area.  In the past I have shown you some of my adventures and answered your questions about gardening.  This time I want to talk to you about why I garden.  It''s a
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weird thing to try to explain why you do something.  Why does a swimmer swim, a skier ski, painter paint or an investor invest?  Some of it is the thrill, the challenge, the game of it all.  I suppose for me there is a bit of all of that with gardening.  It''s certainly a challenge to get something to grow, to bloom or to fight a disease.  However, why I garden is mostly to relax.  There is so much going on in my life, in your life, in everyone''s lives that finding time to just be, to rest ones mind can be an enormous challenge.  I find that gardening allows me to do all of that, to settle my own mind and focus better.  Sometimes, I get too engrossed in it even staying outside too long without food or water.  Yet, very often I find time just melting away while I garden and it lets me just forget everything else, even for a little while.  So this video is about sharing those feelings.  I hope you like it.
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