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Gardening In November

November''''s Chores

Here is our new list for November.  To make it easy on yourself print this list and check off those items you have to do around the house.


Be sure to rake up leaves off the lawn during the mo

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nth. If you leave them on all winter they can kill the grass. If you have a mulching mower you can mulch some of them on the lawn, but do not do this too thick.

Water Gardens
I leave my water fall going all winter, but I do clean out the leaves during the middle part of November. Keep a bucket of warm water close by while working in the pond to heat up your fingers between dips.
Now is a great time to note invasive plants such as bittersweet. The bright orange berries on the vine show up especially well after the leaves have fallen. Destroy these vines by digging them out of the ground. At the very least cut them at the base to stop them from strangling the surrounding vegetation.   The same is true for nightshade.
Cut back perennials as they dieback for the season
Tie up ornamental grasses so they stand tall for winter interest.
Trees and Shrubs
You can still plant if you can get into the ground. Some nurseries will have huge sales. Take advantage.
Do not move birch, oak, cherries, pear trees or stone fruit till spring.
Around the house
Open new beds.
Look for perennial weeds that are still green in the garden. Pull these up. 
Mark areas you place bulbs so you do not dig them up
Note areas that you need to put new plants for next year.   Often in the spring we forget.
Chop up leaves for mulch in the garden. Do not just rake them into piles on the beds.
Turn off the water inside your house so pipes do not freeze. 
Clean up tools for the year. I like to put WD-40 on my metal shovels and rakes to protect them.
Check your snow blower.
Do you have a melting agent that is safe for lawns and pets?
How does that snow shovel look?
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