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February Gardeners Calendar

February brings some important changes to the garden most notably light.  The sun is rapidly growing higher in the sky across the northern hemisphere and by the end of the month will have gained hours of daylight.  Plants respond to this incre

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ase in light. 


  • If you moved plants to a sunny spot, move them back to their spring and summer homes by months end.  A south window might be too sunny for some tender plants.
  • Use yellow sticky traps for whitefly or an insecticidal soap.  
  • Continue to fill humidity trays to keep plants like African violets and orchids from succumbing to the dry air. 
  • Begin to feed your houseplants again, slowly.  I start with ¼ strength and work my way up each week.
  • You might have to water more this month, especially if there is not a lot of cold.


  • Continue to go through your seeds catalogs.  Order early for great deals.
  • It is a good time to cut out pictures and mark those plants you want to add to the garden.


  • This is a good time to contact an arborist to do tree work.  Do not get caught up in the spring rush. 
  • If you have had bad infestations of winter moth, (Operophtera brumata) last year then get on a spray program now.  By April everyone is contacting arborist to spray and you might be out of luck.

 Forcing Branches

  • Cut some forsythia or some of your other favorite trees and shrubs. 
  • Just put the branches in warm water and in a few weeks or sooner you will have fresh flowers inside.

 Deer Protection

  • Reapply your deer protection.  The deer get use to the repellents and they can wash off.

 Winter Damage

  • Stop severe winter damage by spraying an anti-desiccant again.  If you did it in the fall, it has most likely worn away.  February and March can bring some of the worst damage to broadleaf evergreens.
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