Growing Wisdom

Doing What Is Most Important

What’s hardest for me this time of year is figuring out what to put off in the garden.  I say that because there is so much going on its hard to manage it all.  My priority right now is fertilizing.   I like to have all the plants in the yard fed by May and I am behind.

I also try to get the leaves out of the garden as much as possible before the plants get so big its impossible.

If you have peonies, it’s a good idea to give them some support.  Let’s hope the weather is not really wet in May and June because that causes they peonies to flop over even more.

I planted my lettuce this weekend and put some parsley and mint in a container.  I do not plant the mint in the garden as it spreads.

My water garden, a small pond is cleaned up and I am just waiting for the plants to start growing.  Its taking a while with all this cold weather.