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Early May Tips

1. Prune any remaining dead wood on roses.  Any wood without leaves at this point most likely did not make it trough the winter.  Prune to 1/4" above the healthiest shoots.

2. Plant lettuce and other cool weather crops.  Use a pot if you live in the city.

3. Start and herb garden outside by the kitchen.  Even though you can buy basil now I think it is too early to put it outside.  I would wait.

4. Be sure to feed those plants that need feeding.  The longer you wait, the more growth they will put on without the food.

5. Edge around the yard.  It really gives it a nice look.

6. Do not put your mulch up too high.  If you can not see the flair of the base of your trees then the mulch is choking them.

7. Leave the Rhododendron alone a few more weeks.  They are going to drop damaged leaves, but new growth should start.


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