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Chores For January



January is the start of a new year and it’s a good time to begin thinking about the coming gardening season. The weather outside can be cold and snowy but there are still gardening chores t
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o be done.


  • I check my houseplants a few times each month for fungus and insects. 
  • Cut off dead or dying leaves.  
  • Use yellow sticky traps for whitefly or an insecticidal soap.  
  • Continue to fill humidity trays to keep plants like African violets and orchids from succumbing to the dry air. 
  • Do not feed houseplants in January. Give them a rest.
  • Water less than you would when plants are growing actively. In the winter houseplants need less water.




  • Your seed and flower catalogs begin arriving this month. 
  • It is a good time to cut out pictures and mark those plants you want to add to the garden.
  •  Buy early for the best specials.




  • Light or lack thereof can be a problem for plants this time of year. I supplement natural light with grow lights.  
  • Move plants to a south or west facing window, this will give them more light.




  • This is a good time to contact an arborist to do tree work. Business can be slower and therefore prices better this time of year.
  • If you have had bad infestations of winter moth, (Operophtera brumata) last year then get on a spray program now. In the spring everyone is contacting arborist to spray and you might be out of luck.




  • Start new amaryllis now to keep color going.
  • Also plant additional paper white bulbs
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